CMM-weblogoDonlen and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have made a Commitment to Action to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) titled "Commercial Fleet 20% GHG Emissions Reduction."

CGI commitment-making is designed to encourage global corporate citizenship through the development of business practices that encourage sustainability, foster education, improve health, and stimulate world economies, allowing corporations and nonprofits to accomplish their goals simultaneously.


Here are the facts:

  • The commercial fleet industry manages nearly 3,000,000 vehicles
  • An average fleet* produces nearly 9,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases annually
  • Realizing a 20% emissions reduction can make a significant impact to the environment while generating cost savings of $200,000 for an average fleet

Over the next five years, we will work with more than 1,000 commercial fleets and other industry partners to reduce emission levels by 20%, generating a reduction of more than 500,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases. Commercial fleets as well as their suppliers and partners may join this industry commitment and pledge a reduction goal. You can make a meaningful impact on the fleet industry now by becoming a commitment member on www.fleetsforchange.com.

Won't you join us in this important commitment?


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*Average fleet assumes 1,000 sedans, driven 25k miles per year, with $3 per gallon gas price