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Last Updated: 02/03/14

Bold indicates latest update. Letter after date corresponds to main category.

*Lead time estimates factor in normal transportation time of 10-14 days. Lead time does not factor in upfitting. Please add an additional one to three weeks on vehicles destined for the Western States, Alaska, Hawaii or east and west provinces of Canada.

Estimated Lead Time in Weeks* (A)
Key Production Information
2014 Ford CMAX  12-14 (A)    
  •  No restrictions 


2014 Ford Edge

 8-10 (A)   

  •  No restrictions 

2014 Ford Escape 

 8-10 (A) 

  • Ginger Ale Metallic (JY) Paint has been built out and is no longer available to order 

2014 Ford Fiesta   

 12-14 (A) 

  •  Body Kit (17B) will have late availability- February 2014  

  •  200A and 201A Arrays have been built out and are no longer available 


2014 Ford Focus  

10-12 (A)

  • SE (200A) with Sport Package (67T) may increase lead time by 4 weeks or more 

2014 Ford Fusion /
Fusion Hybrid  

10-12 (A) 

  •  Hybrid may increase lead time by 2-4 weeks 

2014 Ford Mustang  

 10-12 (A) 

  • No fleet allocation for Shelby GT500 (P8J/P8K) models  

  • Orders requesting Mustang GT (P8C, P8F) may increase lead time by 2-4 weeks  

  • Convertible orders may increase lead time by 2-4 weeks 


2014 Ford Taurus 

 8-10 (A) 

  • Final orders for Light Ice Blue (TM) and Light Gray Solid (LS) accepted 02/28/14

2014 Lincoln MKS 

 6-8 (A) 

  • No restrictions

2014 Lincoln MKZ/
MKZ Hybrid   

10-12 (A)

  • No restrictions