Driver training, in combination with DriverPoint® Telematics,
gives you the most control over your fleet's productivity and cost savings.

Why is driver training so important? Up to 33% of a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is impacted by driver behavior, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. GreenDriver® Online Driver Training is the fleet industry's only full-service training and certification program focused solely on driver behavior.

GreenDriver training – combined with DriverPoint® Telematics and reporting – is an essential part of your solution, and can help reduce your company's mobile source emissions and fuel costs by up to 15%.

The online course

GreenDriver is a visually appealing online course – based on EPA best practices and other fact-based studies – to keep your drivers engaged as they learn ways to reduce their CO2 emissions and manage their fuel cost.

Through the effective use of audio, video, animation, and interaction, drivers will learn how vehicle maintenance, trip pre-planning, and small changes in behavior can directly impact their fuel consumption and CO2 output.

Car expert Ron Ananian – radio's "The Car Doctor" – guides your drivers through the course. Check out what Ron has to say by hitting "play" on the video.

There are four main sections in the course, each approximately 15 minutes in length:

  • Your CO2 Impact
  • Trip Pre-Planning
  • Driver Behavior
  • Vehicle Maintenance

At the conclusion of each section, the driver can move directly to the next section, take a break, or save the program and return at another time. Once all sections are complete, drivers move to the exam section. After successfully completing the exam, drivers can print their Certified GreenDriver certificate.

What your drivers can expect:

  • Simple log-in process
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Personalized Driver Dashboard
  • Real actionable tips throughout
  • Easy administration

We work closely with you to ensure the smoothest possible program implementation for your organization. Our support and administrative services include:

  • Bulk uploading of all driver registration information
  • Automated invitation and reminder emails
  • Automated driver progress reporting
  • Employer Dashboard for real-time progress tracking

Measureable results

Based on a fleet size of 500, with an average MPG of 15, driving 25,000 miles per year, with gas at $3.00 per gallon.

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Well-informed drivers will understand how their individual behavior can contribute to an organization's overall goals. They know that:

  • Operating a vehicle efficiently is driving sensibly
  • Reduced fuel consumption will result in lowered operating costs and CO2 emissions

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