The Electrification Journey – Are we there yet?

Are you prepared to achieve your corporate sustainability objectives? As with any road trip, you will need to assess where you are and where you want to go—and perhaps navigate some of the stops along the way. Work with the proven Donlen EV experts to create a strategy for your ultimate goals and what interim plans may be needed.

Electric Vehicles

Where to start?

While sustainability is a long-term goal, a key component can be battery electric vehicles (BEVs). John Wuich, Donlen’s VP of Strategic Consulting Services, provides a step-by-step strategy for preparing your fleet for BEV readiness. From setting a start date through realistic phased in approaches, you can define and meet your goals, plan for costs and know your true EV TCO.

All Things Electric:

Ask Maria Neve

Maria Neve, Donlen’s VP of Sustainability and Electrification, addresses FAQs on the electrification of fleets. What are the some of the unconsidered steps of the journey? Understand the balance between EV adoption and other fleet sustainability measures that can assist in realistically meeting your objectives.

The BEV Readiness Guide


If your biggest question is “Where do I even begin?”, this Donlen guide could be just the primer you need. From defining goals to assessing tax credits there is a lot to consider — including some short term sustainability alternatives. This rEVolution is happening now—are you ready to begin?

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Moving to Electrification:

What Does “Levels of Charging” Mean?

To start, traditional Hybrids do not plug in; they are charged by regeneration or by the engine. PHEVs (Hybrid Plug-in Vehicles) do plug into a charger, but have smaller batteries than fully electric vehicles—they require less time to charge, but also have less battery range relying on gasoline when electric power is depleted. BEVs (Battery Plug-in Electric Vehicles) have more demanding charging requirements and more range—that is where we get into the discussion of levels of charging which determines how fast and where the vehicle charges. We have broken this down in the chart below.

The EV Eco-System

Moving to an EV Fleet

There is much to learn in moving to an EV fleet. As with ICE vehicles, you will need the right vehicles for the job—but there is going be a learning curve. Consideration will need to be given to what sourcing, maintenance, fueling, remarketing and reporting mean in this new era. Working with the experts to adapt your vehicle life-cycle needs to the new world of electrification is a good start.


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