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Headquartered in Canada and the US, Donlen stays up to date with local, provincial, and national laws and regulations so your fleet stays compliant. Bilingual industry experts are available to assist your drivers 24/7. Additionally, our fleet management platform, FleetWeb®, tracks and analyses all of your fleet’s data in real-time, helping you stay in control and providing you with valuable insights regarding your North American fleet.

Canadian Fleet Management

Canadian fleet problems require Canadian solutions. Having spent the last 15 years in the Canadian fleet management space, Donlen has a firm grasp of the challenges facing Canadian fleets and offers a full suite of fleet management solutions.

U.S. Fleet Management

Since 1965, Donlen has developed innovative fleet management technology solutions and offered a proactive, hands-on approach to customer service. We empower you to focus on your core business and drive continuous improvement in your fleet’s operational and financial performance.

With our consultative approach and proprietary technology, we are continually identifying new ways to help our customers:

  • Reduce operating costs by measuring and managing your fleet’s impact on your bottom line
  • Improve fleet efficiency with valuable insights through our proprietary technology
  • Receive meaningful consulting insights and actionable recommendations backed by real-time data from all facets of your fleet

Donlen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings.

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