On-Road Management

Licence and Registration

Donlen’s AutoTag registration management program keeps your vehicles legal and compliant with all provincial regulations. AutoTag supports leased or owned vehicles and includes the processing of renewals, transfers, duplicates, replacements, and amendments.

Accident Management

On average 20% of your vehicles will be involved in an accident each year. The cost of a typical accident is $3,800 dollars. For a fleet of 200 vehicles, that’s a cost of $152,000. That’s whole lot of cash out of your pocket, and a whole lot of administrative time filling out paperwork, haggling with insurance companies, etc.

Lucky for you, Donlen’s accident management program manages the recording and processing of driver incidents, accident repairs, and, when applicable, manage the recovery of your accident related costs.

Maintenance Management

Donlen’s maintenance program offers your fleet comprehensive maintenance at competitive rates across more than 3,000 network vendors in Canada. Our call center is staffed by licensed (310 S & 310 T), multi-lingual (English & French) technicians, that are just a few taps away through the DonlenDriver mobile app. Your drivers also have 24/7/365 access to our Roadside assistance program, so they’ll never be left stranded.

Our maintenance solutions include:

  • Consulting, reviewing, and negotiating repairs
  • Proactive warranty recovery
  • eCoupon preventative maintenance program
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rentals
  • Glass repair or replacement


Looking to reduce the amount you spend on fuel and simplify your fleet’s overall fueling process? Well, look no further.

The Donlen Fleet MasterCard is accepted at 95% of all fuel stations in Canada and offers fuel discounts at participating consortium network stations and a $0.03 at-the-pump discount at Esso stations. Best of all, the card is linked directly to FleetWeb, providing you with fueling stations closest to your drivers, real-time exception reports, point of purchase controls, and the ability to customize spending limits as well as promote driver compliance.


Toll Management

If you’re spending your time and money establishing toll accounts, reconciling invoices, and paying toll violations, then you’re doing toll management the hard way.

Our toll management solution, DonlenPass, is fully integrated in FleetWeb, lightens your administrative burden, and saves your hard-earned dollars by automatically registering you with the proper toll authority to avoid the risk of toll violations.

DriverPoint® Telematics

DriverPoint Telematics is our comprehensive telematics platform that helps you improve the safety of your fleet, manage driver productivity, and decrease fleet costs by identifying risky driver behavior and offering measures to help improve driver performance.

Telematics deployment may sound complex, but Donlen makes it simple. Utilization can help you lower operating costs by up to 11%.

Total Outsourced Fleet Management – Fleet Administrative Services

The day-to-day administrative management of your fleet can be time-consuming, taking you away from the more pressing issues facing your organization. That’s why Donlen offers you all-encompassing Fleet Administrative Services (FAS). Simply hand all fleet responsibilities over to us, focus on your business, and let us take care of the rest. Our comprehensive program includes a web-based driver ordering portal, a driver call center, and knowledgeable fleet experts who are well versed in Canadian fleet management as well as the laws and regulations concerning it.

Risk Center

No matter the organization or industry, the safety of your drivers should always be at the top of your list of concerns for your fleet. And since what’s important to you is important to us, we’ve developed a solution that can help with that.

The Donlen Risk Center is an industry-first solution that works by aggregating data from all areas of your fleet to identify high-risk drivers, scores those drivers based upon the level of risk they pose, and provides you with actionable steps you can take to promote safer driving behavior.

Recall inSIGHT®

OEMs may be required by law to mail out notices regarding recall campaigns, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to know which of your vehicles have high-risk recalls or when open recalls are ready for repairs.

Donlen’s Recall inSIGHT® scans various OEM and NHTSA databases on a daily basis to provide you with actionable recall data that enables you to improve your fleet’s recall completion rate.

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