Cargo Violations; GM Record Earnings; Volatile Gas Prices

Know how much “cargo” this truck is carrying?

Know how much cargo this truck is carrying?

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Speaking of cargo, did you know that more than 33,000 cargo-related violations were handed out in 2011 by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspectors?

According to, violations included:

  1. 393.104(b) Damaged securement systems (13,151**)
  2. 393.104(f)(3) Loose/unfastened tie-downs (8,036)
  3. 393.130 Improper securement of heavy equipment (6,664)
  4. 393.134(b)(3) and 393.126 (combined) Marine containers: Rear of container not properly secured, and fail to ensure intermodal container secured (3,200)
  5. 393.110 Fail to meet minimum tie-down requirements (2,531)

Knowing the rules about cargo securement and training drivers are the first steps to avoiding these violations.

To help you understand the rules and responsibilities, check out our comprehensive webinar and FAQs > CSA – Compliance, Safety and Accountability for CMV Drivers

* Official Rules and Regulations
** number of citations issued in 2011

Industry News

If you weren’t able to get to the Chicago Auto Show, you can still check out this great gallery of pics from this year’s event. The CAS showcased everything from concept vehicles to redesigned classics, drool-worthy luxury cars to military trucks. > Check it out here

“If we can change the car, we can change the world.” Those are the words of Nancy Lee Gioia, Ford’s director of Global Electrification. At Ford for 30 years, she drives strategy and planning for the Ford EV portfolio – and has learned a few things about leadership. In this insightful piece, she shares her insight on “paying it forward,” innovation, and being a woman in the “male-centric world” where she has built her career. > Read the full text here

As GM was reporting record net income of $7.6 billion for 2011, GM execs were not resting on last year’s laurels. These statements from key execs were released on their Twitter feed:

Gas prices continue to soar, and there seems to be no end in sight. January posted the highest-price month on record, and prices have risen 13 cents in the last month alone. Don’t forget that you can track gas and diesel prices at the Donlen GreenKey Fuel Station, and this may be a good time to review your fuel compliance through FleetWeb®. Contact us if you need assistance with your fuel program, at 847-412-5238.

Driver’s Corner

In most states, a bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle, which means that they have as much right to be on the road as cars. It is the responsibility of both cyclists and drivers to obey traffic laws, but do you know how to safely navigate around a bicyclist? The following important tips* may help save a life:

  1. 1. Check your blind spot before changing lanes or turning.
  2. 2. Always leave enough stopping room between you and the bike ahead of you.
  3. 3. Be alert for reflective gear or small flashing lights while driving at night.
  4. 4. If riding in the far right lane, leave a few inches between you and the curb.
  5. 5. Always follow all traffic signs and speed limit recommendations.
  6. 6. Exercise patience while riding behind a cyclist. Do not cut them off if they are driving too slowly for your liking.

And FridayFleet will add one more: Always check for cyclists before opening your car door.

* Reprinted from Webb, Wade & Taylor, LLC

And Finally…

And finally, there was another vehicle on display at this year’s show… a two-wheeled vehicle, that is. Automakers are collaborating with bicycle manufacturers to look at a whole spectrum of movement solutions. The Toyota Prius Projectrecently partnered with Parlee bicycles to answer this question: “What if the Prius were a bicycle?” Over ten weeks, this concept bike was developed with innovative features like a neurotransmitter-packed helmet that allows a rider to shift gears just by thinking about it. And what type of bike do you suppose a Formula One race team could come up with? If you said the world’s fastest, you may be correct. McLaren teamed with Specialized bikes to create the S-Works + McLaren Venge – perhaps the industry’s “fastest complete-performance bike in the world.” Of course, as anyone who rides a bike knows, the bike is only as good as the “engine” riding it. Priced at about $8,000 for the frame alone (and probably more than double that when completely built), we’re not sure how many we’ll be seeing around, but we sure would like to give that Venge a try!

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on February 17, 2012

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