Donlen Continues Commitment to Environmental Responsibility as Premier Sponsor for Bobit Business Media’s Upcoming Green Fleet Conference

NORTHBROOK, IL —, North America’s fastest-growing fleet management company, has announced it will be a premier sponsor of Bobit Business Media’s upcoming Green Fleet Conference, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on September 15-16, 2008. Donlen’s impact on environmental responsibility includes personalized consultation, leveraging a suite of proprietary tools that enable fleet decision makers to assess the financial and environmental outcomes of their vehicle selection and operation. Donlen furthers its commitment to the environment through multiple partnerships, including one with the Sierra Club, where the company offers its consultation and technology on

The Green Fleet Conference will present a forum for fleet professionals to learn and discuss actual “green” trends, exploring achievable benefits and misnomers in the green community. With gasoline and diesel prices continuing to rise, going green is a paramount corporate goal that is vital to decreasing a company’s fuel expenses. The conference will focus on these and other challenges in an information-sharing program. A selection of clean fuel technologies, green fleet vehicles and equipment, and green infrastructures will be compared and analyzed, and industry leaders will share where and how to get funding for these vehicles and technologies. The conference will also assess the direction of the fleet industry in relation to green developments, and an overview of state and federal legislation impacting green fleets will be provided.

Donlen’s participation will be directed by Senior Vice President of Strategic Consulting and Environmental Solutions, Dan Hannan. “Over the past several years, green awareness has been a growing trend, but as gas prices approach $5 a gallon, the demand for expert guidance and data has exploded,” said Hannan, whose leadership and expertise has consequently been a pivotal factor in the expansion of Donlen’s consulting group, which most recently announced that Chelsea Mathis will serve in a new capacity as Environmental Business Analyst. Mathis joined Donlen last year as a Consulting Business Analyst and now will be working with customers to launch formal environmental strategies and policies through detailed analysis and consultation on market trends.

Mathis emphasized the importance of developing corporate policies for green compliance, and noted the advantages of the upcoming conference forum: “As clients are looking to identify and implement turnkey solutions to their fuel and environmental challenges, the creation of internal green policy is a major driver,” Mathis said. “Conferences like this green fleet event are an ideal setting to learn more about comprehensive approaches to these challenges, on the road to developing continual solutions in an engaging, credible venue.”

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