NORTHBROOK, IL —As the leader in developing advanced fleet management solutions, Donlen has once again raised the technology bar by launching a set of cutting-edge Lifecycle Optimization Tools™ with the capacity to transform the way the fleet industry evaluates asset management decisions. In conjunction with these tools, Donlen established the National Auction Index (NAI), the industry’s largest database of vehicle resale transactions.

In introducing the tools, Donlen President and CEO Gary Rappeport highlighted their far-reaching influence. “Donlen is the only company to develop a system with these capabilities, the implications of which are very exciting for the entire industry,” Rappeport said. “The Lifecycle Optimization Tools and the NAI increase the levels of sophistication and accuracy in the benchmarking process, but more significantly, they provide the basis for a shift in the way companies will approach vehicle selection and cycling.”

The NAI is a collection of vehicle resale data, powered by AuctionNet, taken from wholesale auctions throughout the United States. With more then 6.5 million wholesale transactions reported annually, the NAI provides the depth and range of data necessary to support the series of analytical tools that enable users to understand cycling trends as never before.

As the cornerstone for the powerful tools, the NAI supplies the data used to perform vehicle trend analysis, generate instant Fair Market Values (FMV) and evaluate entire fleet portfolios in a few simple steps via FleetWeb®, Donlen’s fully integrated online fleet management system.

Lifecycle Optimization Tools
Using NAI data, these new tools establish an unparalleled approach to identifying a vehicle’s optimal lifecycle by more accurately taking into account and balancing up-front costs, depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs, residual values and resale market conditions in a way never before possible.

With the ability to benchmark a specific vehicle’s resale performance against other vehicles or its class and vehicle type, Donlen has pioneered a new approach to lifecycle cost evaluation – one that will drive replacement and vehicle selection decisions to a higher level.

While FleetWeb users can graphically compare the resale performance of up to five vehicles for the past 12 months, the revolutionary process goes beyond benchmarking individual vehicles: For the first time, users can compare the trending of entire vehicle classes and types. The NAI’s extensive collection of current data and FleetWeb’s sophisticated technology give Donlen the power to benchmark the performance of a vehicle against its specific class or type, or compare vehicle classes and types to each other, providing a clearer understanding of where vehicles will trend in the future.

Each optimization tool draws upon real historical data to provide fleet administrators the opportunity to reevaluate long-held assumptions about vehicle cycling. Pulling from millions of NAI data points, the tools allow fleet administrators to instantly benchmark the resale performance of any vehicle against industry transactions from the past 60 days. This provides the opportunity to evaluate the sale price of both Donlen and non-Donlen vehicles.

And for the first time in the fleet management industry, Donlen can instantly generate a FMV for every vehicle in a portfolio, automatically compare each vehicle FMV to its book price, and quickly identify gaps and break-even points to maximize cycling opportunities. The sophistication of the system enables FleetWeb to perform an analysis for any portfolio, whether or not Donlen manages the fleet.

Each one of Donlen’s powerful optimization tools offers a solution to a part of the lifecycle cost equation; collectively, the tools provide administrators with unmatched control over the complex factors that drive lifecycle decisions.

Changing The Way The Industry Works
Donlen’s Lifecycle Optimization Tools introduce a new and creative approach to vehicle selection and cycling decisions. “For the first time in the industry, companies can evaluate long-held assumptions about vehicle selection and cycling, and determine whether they are still economically viable,” Rappeport said. “As the variables involved in fleet management grow increasingly complex, Donlen leads the industry in the development of tools that fleet administrators need to adapt and thrive in the market.”

About Donlen
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