Donlen Partners for CNG Fueling Facility Access

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Donlen-Alternative-Fuel-VehiclesDonlen is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with VNG.CO, a nationwide compressed natural gas (CNG) retail-centric fueling facility program, to provide access to a network of compressed natural gas fueling locations for its fleet customers.

“By partnering with VNG.CO, we’re providing resources that our customers need to successfully implement light-duty CNG vehicles in their fleet,” said Amy Blaine, Donlen’s VP of Consulting, Analytics, and Sustainability. “Now, in addition to providing analysis and vehicle information that shows customers where CNG makes sense for them, we’re giving them access to a network of stations. This comprehensive program makes sense from both an implementation and ROI perspective and will help customers make decisions about choosing CNG vehicles for their fleet.”

VNG.CO fueling facilities will be available to fleets at prime retail locations, giving drivers all the advantages of gasoline station convenience with the compelling benefits of natural gas vehicles (NGV). For fleets operating bi-fuel vehicles which can fuel on CNG or gasoline, drivers have access to both fuels at a single location. VNG.CO’s fueling facility program emphasizes locations that are convenient and accessible, allowing fleets to maintain or improve productivity while enjoying a familiar retail fueling experience.

NGVs can provide significant cost savings over gas vehicles. Lowering emissions, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and supporting corporate sustainability strategies are additional benefits to implementing a CNG fleet strategy.

Donlen-CNG-Examining-ROI-lgConsidering alternative fuel vehicles for your fleet?

Today’s hybrids, CNG vehicles, and propane options can be viable options for fleets, especially when you analyze the total cost of ownership. Amy presented her AFV lifecycle analysis findings at the 2013 ACT (Alternative Clean Transportation) Expo, and we’ve made her presentation available to you.

AFVs in Your Fleet: ROI, Trends, and Comparisons provides:

  • Hybrids: TCO Analysis
  • CNG: Infrastructure and ROI
  • Propane: Lifecycle details
  • Advantages and challenges of AFVs

> Download it now

If you’d like to discuss alternative fuel vehicles and how they can work in your fleet, contact your Donlen Account Manager.

Weather-related delays

Severe weather continues to wreak havoc around the country, and we have received reports of several delays that may affect you:

  • Toyota sent a comprehensive list of delays effective as of January 22. Read the full list here.
  • Drivers may experience a delay in roadside assistance. At this time priority is given to drivers who are stranded without heat.

We’re monitoring this situation closely and will provide updates as they become available. For questions, please contact your Donlen Account Manager.

Driver’s Corner

Let’s hope this never happens, but do you know what to do if you’re stranded in your vehicle during a blizzard? There are things you can do if you ever find yourself in this predicament. Read the Denver’s Office of Emergency Management list here. Some of these items assume that you’re carrying a winter preparedness kit in your car. Be prepared with this list of items you should carry if traveling through winter conditions.

And finally…

And finally, cars and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since moving pictures began, cars have played a main part. Who can forget the DeLorean DMS-12 from Back to the Future? Or what about every James Bond car ever driven? And don’t even get us started on the cars in Steve McQueen’s LeMans. Someone put together their list of the eight best movie cars of all time. Check that out here. Do you agree? What’s your favorite?

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on January 14, 2014

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