Carlos Oropeza

Director, Marketing



Bannockburn, Ill. – Donlen, a customer-centric and technologically advanced provider of financing and fleet management solutions, is excited to announce the release of its new field operations dashboard.

Donlen’s Field Operations Dashboard is a first-of-its-kind summary report that highlights the six key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that are vital to managing day-to-day operations within a fleet. The dashboard provides summary level views of fleet data in a single location, which allows customers to view fleet and/or branch location performance at a glance while saving users hours that they previously would have been spent gathering reports and alerts. Additionally, the dashboard highlights the KPIs requiring the most urgent attention so that users can immediately take action, resulting in lower operating costs and less unscheduled downtime.

“Our new field operations dashboard will positively and significantly impact truck and van fleets everywhere,” said Greg Wilson, Donlen’s VP, primary customer segment, product management team. “Fleet and branch managers will no longer have to spend hours aggregating and summarizing key operational metrics. Instead, they’ll be able to use that time to make proactive decisions regarding their fleet, resulting in lower operating costs, less downtime, and better operational efficiencies.”

About Donlen

Donlen develops innovative fleet management technology solutions and offers a proactive, hands-on approach to customer service. For more than 50 years, Donlen has empowered its customers to focus on their core business and drive continuous improvement in their fleet’s operational and financial performance. Headquartered in Bannockburn, Ill., Donlen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings. For more information about Donlen’s best-in-class fleet management solutions, visit