BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Donlen, a leader in providing performance-driven fleet management services, has published six steps fleet professionals can take to control their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in its new white paper, “Understanding Total Cost of Ownership: Take Control of Your TCO in 6 Steps.”

For fleet professionals, understanding and managing their fleet’s total cost of ownership is one of their biggest responsibilities. Through insights and experience gained with more than 50 years in the fleet industry, Donlen has identified the cost components that make up fleet TCO, and provided the most effective recommendations for reducing total cost of ownership, including:

  1. Keeping acquisition costs down
  2. Minimizing depreciation
  3. Keeping up with preventive maintenance
  4. Determining and adhering to optimal cycling parameters
  5. Controlling fuel usage and spend
  6. Monitoring each cost component

“At Donlen, we conduct total cost of ownership analyses for our customers regularly to identify areas of opportunity and achieve savings across all aspects of their fleets,” said John Wuich, Donlen vice president, strategic consulting services. “By understanding which components make up their total cost of ownership, our customers can use the best practices we recommend as a starting point to reduce their TCO.”

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