Carlos Oropeza
Director, Marketing

Donlen logoBannockburn, Ill. — Donlen, the fleet industry’s most customer-centric and technically-integrated provider of financing and fleet management solutions has unveiled its new brand today. The fleet industry is currently undergoing many changes, which are only expected to continue within the next three to five years. To prepare for the changing landscape, Donlen has continued to invest in a forward-thinking product roadmap that will prepare customers for trends such as Mobility as a Service, autonomous vehicles, and safety. With Donlen’s focus on the changing marketplace, Donlen has enhanced its brand to focus on the future of fleet.

Donlen’s new corporate logo retains the Donlen name, which has strong brand equity in the fleet industry, while its new brand colors leverage the far-reaching brand awareness of its parent company, Hertz. Donlen’s reputation in the fleet industry has allowed the company to grow organically over time and now, with a closer alignment to Hertz, that growth is only expected to continue. The new brand will emphasize the unique value proposition Donlen has developed alongside Hertz, which allows it to provide vehicles daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, preparing the company for emerging mobility trends. While its brand may have evolved, Donlen’s commitment to its customers stays the same:

  • To intimately know and manage fleets to achieve individual goals
  • Continue to develop advanced, innovative fleet technology
  • Provide meaningful consulting insights and actionable recommendations

“Now is an exciting time to be in fleet management,” said Tom Callahan, Donlen president. “Donlen may have a new look, however, we will continue to focus on what we do best: provide our customers with attentive service, develop technology roadmaps for the short and long-term to stay ahead of emerging trends, and present comprehensive consulting insights and actionable recommendations to allow customers to achieve their operational goals.”

About Donlen

Donlen develops the fleet management industry’s most innovative technology solutions and offers a proactive, hands-on approach to customer service. For more than 50 years, Donlen has empowered its customers to focus on their core business and drive continuous improvement in their fleet’s operational and financial performance. Headquartered in Bannockburn, Ill., Donlen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings. For more information about Donlen’s best-in-class fleet management solutions, visit