DriverPoint Telematics Goes Mobile and the Benefits

Donlen developed DriverPoint® Telematics to help commercial fleets achieve three key objectives:

  • Improve driving behavior and safety
  • Integrate data for telematics, fuel, maintenance, and accidents
  • Provide accurate and real-time ROI

And now, it’s mobile!
Introducing DriverPoint® Mobile



Manage your drivers and fleet from anywhere. Available via the App Store, DriverPoint Mobile features include:

  • Map: Similar to the web-based program, users can view all of their vehicles and their current statuses, including the ability to search by a driver’s name or Donlen Vehicle Number (DVN).
  • Driver: From the map, managers can select a driver by searching for their name or DVN in the search bar or by selecting their icon on the map. The map will refresh, displaying the route of the driver forthe date specified. Select which events are mapped by choosing “Events” and selecting the specific icons that appear.
  • Events: Once a vehicle is selected, managers have the ability to view all trip information for the specific day. Furthermore, managers can also filter by specific events they want to see.
  • Dashboard: Managers can view dashboard graphs displaying information about the fleet’s green
    scores, alerts, and driver counts.

Why is DriverPoint Telematics the industry’s most comprehensive solution?

By developing a propriety solution, we have greater control over the technology infrastructure, we can rapidly deploy customizations and upgrades, and we provide lower implementation cost and higher ROI. And because we developed DriverPoint in house at Donlen, we’re able to quickly adapt to your needs through frequent updates to the application. In fact, we incorporate improvements and new reports every two weeks with no interruption to users – it happens behind the scenes and is pushed automatically.

Key Benefits

DriverPoint provides up-to-the-minute data access, actual vehicle location for improved utilization, and real-time exception reporting. Fleets using DriverPoint experience increased driver safety, fewer accident claims, better fuel economy, and lower maintenance costs.

DriverPoint’s multi-faceted program of GPS routing and reporting, online driver training, and driver behavior scorecards helps fleets meet their challenges head on. DriverPoint’s benefits are immediate and ongoing:

  • Affordable solution: Nothing to purchase, just a low monthly fee.
  • Easy implementation: No internal IT resources or external installation required.
  • Business improvement: DriverPoint lets fleets focus on the most critical aspects of their operations, creating efficiencies while lowering costs.
  • Ease of administration: Maintain complete visibility into the fleet’s activities by utilizing DriverPoint’s real-time data access and exception-based, interactive reporting.
  • Ongoing reinforcement: Monthly driver and fleet scorecards track behaviors and benchmark drivers against their peers so you see results.
  • Measurable results: Tracking and measuring behaviors over time gives companies an accurate picture of the fleet’s performance.

Program Specifics

Powered by the vehicle’s OBD II port, DriverPoint Telematics’ “plug in and go” installation makes this device the industry’s easiest and most efficient to use. No expensive, time-consuming installation, wiring, or special tools are required. Within minutes, drivers are plugged in and ready to roll with no interruption to fleet operations – an important feature and of utmost importance to companies.

One of the key benefits of using DriverPoint is the robust GPS tracking system. In real time, fleet managers are able to view the location and performance of their drivers. The online interface gives users visibility into driver productivity, data to improve driver territory and route efficiency, and information to improve overall fleet MPG.

In addition to comprehensive Route Activity, Vehicle Locator, and Location capabilities and reports, DriverPoint Telematics provides a Safety Profile for each driver that measures and reports key driving behaviors such as rapid acceleration, hard stops, and over speed events.

Dashboard User Interface

As we listened to feedback from users, we knew driving behavior would be better visualized on a map and provide a clearer understanding for fleet managers. Yes, DriverPoint provides all of the typical functionality available from other telematics products, but what sets DriverPoint apart from every other product is the integration of driving behavior data and the ability for users to focus on exceptions within their fleet. These are the areas where fleets can really make a difference.

The Vehicle Timeline has a “calendar look” and shows a week at a time snapshot of any vehicle’s activity. The Driver Watchlist allows fleet managers to focus on key driver exceptions. And Advanced Reporting lets fleet managers open many reports and view any of them interactively with the map.

Return on Investment

The possible increase in productivity and cost savings when utilizing DriverPoint is staggering. For example, a fleet of 500 vehicles that experiences an improvement of just five percent in fuel, safetyv, maintenance, and productivity can realize a total return on investment of more than $1.2 million annually. Some further examples of savings potential are illustrated below.

ROI: Fuel, Safety and Maintenance


ROI: Driver Productivity


To learn more about DriverPoint, contact Nick Ehrhart at 847-412-4968.

donlen-fleetweb-buildout-datesFleetWeb® Tips

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  1. Type “build” in the quick search field in the upper right and click on “Build Out StartUp Dates.”
  2. View the Build Out charts on then click on the desired manufacturer’s hyperlink.
  3. Once there, bookmark or set up an RSS feed so you have one-click access to the manufacturer info you need most. (Need help setting up an RSS feed? We can help.)

Hertz Value Lease™ Deal of the Week


donlen-hertz-value-lease-nissan-sentra-02132012 Nissan Altima S*

  • Estimated Mileage: 25,273
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Hertz Value Lease Base Price: $15,451

*Vehicle was available at the time of posting to FridayFleet. The exact vehicle may not be available after this date. Photo of vehicle is for illustrative purposes only. Contact your Donlen Account Manager to learn more about Hertz Value Lease vehicles that may be right for your application.

Driver’s Corner

Remember these two simple things and you’re well on your way to improved MPG:

Idling a vehicle yields zero MPG. You’re probably idling more than you need to. Turn off your vehicle if you’re waiting longer than a few minutes.

Slow down. For every 5 MPH you travel over 65 MPH, you reduce your efficiency by 7%. Slowing down when it is safe to do so will greatly increase your vehicle’s MPG.

And Finally…

And finally, a recent survey showed that mobile app dependency is high. How high you ask? Well, 82% of those surveyed can’t go a day without what they consider to be “critical apps” – with email, Facebook, and alarm clock apps cited as the top three. Unfortunately, more than half admit to using their smartphone apps while behind the wheel. And perhaps the respondents didn’t really think this one through before answering, but 85% admit they would rather give up drinking water than delete all of their mobile apps forever. Is there a mobile phone app you can’t do without? Are you reading this on your smartphone? Let us know.

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

*Now available via the App Store, DriverPoint® Mobile is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 , iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd Generation), iPod touch (4th Generation) iPod touch (5th Generation) and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on March 29, 2013

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