Fleet Management Solutions

Your fleet has some serious goals, like: improving route optimization, driver retention, reducing overall costs, and lowering carbon output. We transform fleets by utilizing a combination of driver, business and fleet vehicle management to scale overall mobility.

Fleet Vehicle Management

Leverage our full outsourcing capabilities and we’ll handle all aspects of your fleet.

Strategic Account Planning

Collaborate with fleet analysts to run your most efficient fleet yet.

Financial Analysis

Data and reporting that supports you in reducing overall costs.

Customer Experience

Our team of dedicated professionals actually understand fleet. No, really.

Global Mobility Solutions

Our global coverage allows you to receive regional expertise around the world through Donlen’s international partner network.

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Integration & Change Management

We’ll manage the tough stuff.

Outsourced Fleet Administrative Services

Need a fleet management company that handles your entire operations? No problem.

Strategic Consulting

Streamline your fleet operations with a dedicated, knowledgeable consultant.


Donlen is committed to developing programs and tools to assist our customers in achieving their corporate sustainability objectives and green solutions.

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Driver Solutions

Your drivers are integral to your fleet.We provide them with the tools they need to stay compliant, efficient, and happy with Telematics

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Vehicle Management

Your fleet’s entire lifecycle needs an expert view to get optimal ROI. Let us help you.


Acquiring cars and trucks for your fleet is streamlined and efficient with Donlen’s qualified professionals and online tools driving our vehicle acquisition process.

Financing Solutions

The decision to lease or buy vehicles is never an easy one, and it should always be based upon the unique requirements of your company.

On-Road Services

Accident Management

Get back on the road quickly and safely.


Keep your vehicles on the road and fully compliant.


DriverPoint® Telematics revolutionizes the way your fleet collects data.

Fuel Management

Reduce expenses and simplify the fueling process.

Violation/ Toll Management

Electronic violation processing reduces risks and cut costs.

Supply Chain Management

Minimize disruption on production and deliverability by working with a Donlen expert.


The remarketing process is critical to the success of any fleet management program.

We’ve designed a process where each fleet car and truck is sold individually to achieve the optimal balance between managing the time it takes to sell a vehicle and the selling price of the vehicle.

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Car and Truck Maintenance

Our program offers your fleet comprehensive maintenance to keep your vehicles moving.

Interested in fleet management?

Contact Donlen today to discover how we can save you money, reduce downtime, and provide you with peace of mind.

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Driver Management

Encouraging training and comprehensive risk analysis guides your drivers to success.


Streamlined ordering frees up administration and ensures you get the right vehicle at the right time.


Reduce expenses and simplify the fueling process with the most widely accepted fuel card.

Business and Personal Use

Track accurately to better forecast and report your vehicle’s lifecycle.

Risk Management

Manage the recording and processing of driver incidents, accident repairs, and recovery of losses from third parties through subrogation. If you are a self-insured fleet, our robust accident management solution minimizes your administrative time and vehicle downtime to get your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Accident Management

Keep your drivers safe – once and for all.


Immediately receive key information.

Electronic Logging Devices

Accessible data on your vehicles.


DriverPoint® Telematics is the industry’s most comprehensive telematics platform to help you improve the safety of your fleet, decrease costs, and manage driver productivity.

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Donlen’s fully compliant, simple, and flexible electronic logging device (ELD) solution keeps your fleet in compliance with hours of service regulations.

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Policy Strategy

Your policy should evolve to better support your changing fleet and driver needs. We can provide insight and historical data while collaborating with you to craft a policy that’s reflective of your unique fleet.

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Interested in fleet management?

Contact Donlen today to discover how we can save you money, reduce downtime, and provide you with peace of mind.

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