Achieve your corporate sustainability objectives.

Donlen’s Strategic Consultants use a proprietary approach to vehicle lifecycle planning, collaborating with fleet decision makers while referencing measurable data to reduce overall CO2 output and make significant reductions in fuel spend.

Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM)

Vehicle Optimization Model™ (VOM) is an interactive system that makes vehicle lifecycling analysis more realistic.

Our Vehicle Optimization Model offers comparative data for >100 fleet vehicles in:
Cost Per Mile Projections

National Auction Index® (NAI) Resale Comparisons

Depreciation Break Even Analysis

MPG Comparison

Carbon Emissions Calculation

By selecting vehicles, months in service and annual mileage, users can project their fleet’s performance and compare hundreds of vehicle options. With our VOM tool, you can select the vehicles that optimize both your cost and emissions criteria.

DriverPoint® Telematics

DriverPoint Telematics is your key to improving driver safety, productivity, and efficiency. Using a proprietary set of algorithms, DriverPoint Telematics is a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution that will give you visibility into driver productivity, access to any driver’s planned vs. actual activity, data to improve driver territory and route efficiency, and information to monitor and improve overall fleet MPG.

Powered by your vehicle’s OBD II port, DriverPoint Telematics’ “plug in and go” installation makes this device the industry’s easiest to use. No expensive, time-consuming installation, no wiring, and no special tools required. Within minutes, your drivers will be plugged in and ready to roll with no interruption to your operations.

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