Carlos Oropeza
Director, Marketing

Bannockburn, IL – Donlen, the fleet industry’s most customer-centric and technologically innovative provider of financing and fleet management solutions, announces that new telematics functionality has been added to its comprehensive mobile app offering. DonlenDriver™ Mobile, which provides fleet drivers with access to important vehicle documents and notifications, is now integrated with DriverPoint® Telematics for all fleets that have implemented Donlen’s comprehensive telematics service, making it easier to manage and improve driver safety.

DonlenDriver Mobile already provides drivers the ability to access crucial information related to personal tax reporting, new vehicle ordering, company policy compliance, and more. With this new functionality, Donlen is putting more power in the hands of the driver. Previously, only fleet managers and supervisors were able to see the daily driving and vehicle health data received from telematics devices. Now, drivers will be given full visibility to all of the data offered by Donlen’s DriverPoint Telematics software.

“Once inside the app, drivers will be able to see how many trips they’ve taken, the number of hours they’ve spent driving, the number of miles they’ve driven within that month, as well as the location and time that unsafe driving behavior, such as harsh acceleration, deceleration or speeding has occurred,” said Donlen’s director of telematics and safety products, Tom Sloan. “Drivers will also be able to view critical areas of vehicle health such as odometer, tire pressure, and oil level. Fleet managers and drivers will be provided visibility to the same telematics data points, so they can better work together towards decreasing risky driving behavior and improving fleet safety. We are excited that we continue to make our solution better than before.”

As a result of its existing features and new functionality, DonlenDriver Mobile provides fleet drivers the opportunity to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible with the touch of a button.

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