DonlenDriver Mobile App Updates; See You at NAFA I&E 2017!

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Increase Fleet Driver Productivity with Donlen’s DonlenDriver™ Mobile App

Managing your fleet and your vehicles no matter where the road may take your fleet drivers just got easier with updates to Donlen’s state-of-the-art mobile app, DonlenDriver Mobile. The latest features in DonlenDriver Mobile include convenient access to important vehicle documentation and notifications.

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Experience the Future of Fleet Management with Donlen at NAFA I&E 2017

NAFA I&E 2017 is next week, and we can’t wait for you to see everything we have to share at this year’s show. Get out your calendars and make sure you take down all of the information in this article. Don’t miss out on any of the excitement!

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Developing a Best-in-Class Fleet Policy: A 5-Step Guide

Donlen teamed up with IDEXX, one of our customers, to deliver a webinar called “Developing a Best-in-Class Fleet Policy.” Based on that hugely popular webinar, we’ve developed a new white paper which provides a 5-step guide to creating a fleet policy that supports your company’s fleet goals.

Your company’s fleet policy is your most important fleet document. In order to maintain a safe and productive fleet, you must have a thorough driver policy in place. Need help getting started, or want some tips for your existing policy? Download our white paper today!


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Driver’s Corner

distracted driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and drivers are presented with more distractions than ever before. Many believe that by using voice-to-text technology that they are being safe, but according to this study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, voice-to-text technology offers no real safety advantage over manual texting. The study ultimately found that driver response times were significantly delayed no matter which texting methods were used. Does your fleet have a policy in place for cell phone use while driving?

And Finally

april fool's day

Did you catch all of the automotive April Fool’s Day pranks this year? In case you missed any, Motor Trend has compiled the best pranks from the automotive industry this year here.

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on April 21, 2017