FleetWeb™ Intelligence Visualization Suite: Visualize, Analyze, Act.

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FleetWeb™ Intelligence Visualization Suite: Visualize, Analyze, Act.

FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite

Technology advances have resulted in fleet data that arrives at greater speed, in greater volume and in more variety than ever before. Big data has been hitting fleet managers for a while making traditional forms of analysis seem obsolete. This is where Donlen’s FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite comes in. Donlen’s new suite of fleet management business intelligence tools, the FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite, summarizes your fleet’s performance using intuitive, easy-to-understand, and actionable charts and graphs to help you improve productivity and reduce unnecessary spending.

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DriverPoint and OnStar Telematics Integration: All of DriverPoint’s Safety and Savings Benefits, No Hardware Installation

Fleet and driver safety is a top priority for most fleet professionals. One of the key methods for improving driver safety is by monitoring and coaching driver behavior through telematics. And now, fleets have the opportunity to leverage the power of Donlen’s DriverPoint® Telematics, without the need for telematics device installation, by integrating the data provided by OnStar from their GM Fleet vehicles.

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No Time to Be Complacent About Fuel Spend

As the second largest fleet operating expense, fuel pricing has a significant impact on total fleet costs. Low fuel prices over the past 3 years combined with continued improvements in vehicle fuel economy have helped keep fleet operating costs down.

Fuel prices influence fleet vehicle acquisitions. When fuel prices are high, fleets trend toward hybrids, alternative-fueled and smaller vehicles. Similarly, when fuel prices are low, larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles get greater consideration.

After fuel savings are gained from optimizing the fleet asset mix, the next largest impact is modifying driver behavior through the use of driver-based telematics programs as well as education and awareness campaigns.

In these days of low fuel prices, it is easy for drivers and fleet managers to become complacent about focusing on ways to reduce fuel spend. As the second largest fleet operating expense, minimizing fuel expense should always be a top priority regardless of whether fuel prices are high or low.

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Understanding Total Cost of Ownership: Take Control of Your TCO in 6 Steps

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership white paper

Which cost components are driving up your fleet’s total cost of ownership? In our white paper, we explain the costs that make up your TCO and provide proven cost reduction methods. By downloading this white paper today, you will learn six ways to reduce your fleet’s total cost of ownership, including:

  • Minimizing your depreciation
  • Keeping up with preventive maintenance
  • Determining and adhering to optimal cycling parameters

Download now to discover how you can start taking action to improve your TCO!


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Driver’s Corner

With the majority of schools back in session, there is more traffic and more risks for drivers and pedestrians. As students make their way to school either by foot, bike, or bus, it is important for drivers to be alert and cautious.

This article includes tips from AAA in order to prevent pedestrian accidents and keep drivers and students safe this school year. Some of those tips include: slow down in school zones, eliminate distractions so that you aren’t caught off guard by children who may cross the road unexpectedly, stop for school buses, and come to a complete stop at stop signs.

And Finally

Were you able to see the total solar eclipse this past Monday? Millions of people road tripped to locations within the line of totality, causing major traffic jams throughout the U.S. Check out how everyone’s eclipse travels impacted traffic in seven cities here.

Have a great weekend and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on August 25, 2017