Fleet Cycling, Simplified. Donlen’s Next-Gen VOM is Here!

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Conduct Comprehensive Fleet Vehicle Comparison Analysis with Donlen’s Next-Generation Vehicle Optimization Model® (VOM)

Vehicle Optimization Model

At Donlen, we believe that optimal fleet performance is driven by data-backed decisions. We continuously invest in our technology to deliver beneficial fleet technology to our customers, giving them the necessary data they need to make the most informed decisions. One of the tools Donlen customers leverage is the Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM), and with our recent updates to our proprietary, interactive system, fleet vehicle comparison analysis for selection and cycling decisions is simplified and streamlined.

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Happy Holidays from Donlen!

2016 has been Donlen’s best year yet, thanks to all of our customers, partners and friends. With new technology releases this year such as eCoupon, FleetWeb Intelligence™ Reporting, and our next-generation VOM, plus our new state-of-the-art headquarters, we’re walkin’ in a Donlen Wonderland! Please join us, and enjoy our holiday video. Happy holidays from all of us at Donlen!


Prepare Your Fleet for Next Year with Our 2017 Fleet Planning Checklist

The best way to set your fleet up for success is to plan ahead. Get a head start on your 2017 fleet planning by downloading our comprehensive fleet planning checklist. Our 12-month checklist for fleet professionals includes actionable tips to keep your fleet on track all year long. Download our 2017 Fleet Planning Checklist today!


11 Best Practices to Keep Your Fleet’s Fuel Cards Secure

card-with-chipFuel card security is a major concern for many fleet professionals. Visa and Mastercard have begun rolling out chip-embedded cards which are more secure and help reduce fraud, however, Visa and Mastercard recently announced that they have extended the deadline for fuel stations to update their equipment to new technology that accepts debit and credit cards embedded with chips. The original deadline was October 1, 2017, and fuel stations now have until October 2020 to install chip-card technology at their pumps. Despite this delay, there are many best practices that fleets can follow to help keep their fuel cards secure.

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Vehicle Registration Stickers Eliminated in Pennsylvania

Beginning December 31, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will no long be issuing vehicle registration stickers. Drivers still need to have their vehicles registered, but starting January 1, 2017, vehicles will not need to display a vehicle registration sticker on their license plate. Due to current license plate reader technology, paper vehicle stickers are no longer necessary, and eliminating them will save taxpayers $1 million per year. For Donlen customers enrolled in AutoTag, Donlen acts as the DMV in Pennsylvania, and processes and mails renewals directly from our corporate office to ensure that your vehicle registration is renewed on time.

Take Control of Your TCO in 6 Steps

Which cost components are driving up your fleet’s total cost of ownership? In our latest white paper, we explain the costs that make up your TCO and provide proven cost reduction methods. By downloading this white paper today, you will learn six ways to reduce your fleet’s total cost of ownership, including:

  1. Minimizing your depreciation
  2. Keeping up with preventive maintenance
  3. Determining and adhering to optimal cycling parameters

Download now to discover how you can start taking action to improve your TCO!


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Driver’s Corner

cars in snow

For many people across the country, winter means very dangerous driving conditions with snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures increasing your risks on the road. To help ensure everyone reaches their destinations safely this winter, the National Safety Council has compiled a comprehensive list of tips for drivers.

Those tips include checking the weather before you leave, preparing your car for winter by having a mechanic check vehicle systems such as the ignition, brakes, and battery, as well as important reminders of how to drive to avoid a crash. Drivers can avoid collisions during winter by accelerating and decelerating slowly, increasing their following distance to 8-10 seconds, and never using cruise control in wintery conditions. Read all of the National Safety Council’s tips here.

And Finally

car with holiday lights

Most of us have seen cars decked out with reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose for the holidays, but what about a 2.5-foot tall tree on top of a car’s roof complete with twinkle lights? Yes, you read that right, and for a hefty $130 you can get one of your own! Check it out here.

Have a great holiday season, and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on December 16, 2016