Pinpoint Driver Behavior in Pool Vehicles with the Latest from Donlen

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Pinpoint Individual Driver Behavior in Pool Vehicles with DriverPoint® Driver Identification

DriverPoint Driver Identification for pool vehicles

The key to improving fleet safety is monitoring and coaching driver behavior, but for fleets with a pool vehicle system, driver safety has posed a unique challenge. Now with the latest device from Donlen it is possible for fleet managers to pinpoint risky behavior by driver – instead of by vehicle – in order to increase driver accountability, improve fleet safety, and reduce costs.

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How to Protect Your Personal Data When Selling or Returning Fleet Vehicles

protect personal data when selling fleet vehiclesWhen selling your own vehicle or returning a leased or rented vehicle, you should consider how to protect your privacy and personal data you have uploaded into your vehicle. Your owner’s manual or dealer should be able to instruct you on how to clear data from your vehicle’s onboard computer or infotainment system. Read this article to learn some examples of types of personal information that may be stored in your vehicle that should be removed prior to sale or return.

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Embrace Change: Donlen at NAFA 2017

Embrace Change: See You at NAFA I&E 2017!

Experience the future of fleet management at Donlen’s NAFA booth this year. Visit our booth (#401) to view a demo of the latest fleet technology from Donlen, attend educational panels that we will be hosting at the conference, and stay tuned for more information about this year’s can’t-miss concert event!

Donlen Named a Top Outsourcing Provider for the 11th Time

IAOP logoWe are proud to be named to the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100® List by the IAOP for the 11th time. We strive to support our customers’ fleets with the highest level of service delivery so that they can focus on running their business, so it is an honor to be recognized for our commitment to excellent customer service.

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Understanding Total Cost of Ownership: Take Control of Your TCO in 6 Steps

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership white paper

Which cost components are driving up your fleet’s total cost of ownership? In our latest white paper, we explain the costs that make up your TCO and provide proven cost reduction methods. By downloading this white paper today, you will learn six ways to reduce your fleet’s total cost of ownership, including:

  • Minimizing your depreciation
  • Keeping up with preventive maintenance
  • Determining and adhering to optimal cycling parameters

Download now to discover how you can start taking action to improve your TCO!


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Driver’s Corner

car driving in rain

This past week, many of us got a preview of spring weather. Winter is probably not over, but as spring approaches now is a good time to review best practices for driving in the rain.

San Diego Entertainer Magazine offers some tips specifically for Californians, but these tips are relevant to drivers anywhere. For example, don’t speed, don’t slam on the brakes if you start hydroplaning, and check your tire treads before you hit the road. Check out all of the tips here.

And Finally

futuristic car

During this year’s Super Bowl, many automotive companies pulled out all the stops for their commercials. Check out a roundup of all of the car commercials that aired during Super Bowl LI here.

Have a great weekend and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on February 24, 2017