Experience the Future of Fleet with Our New DriverPoint® Telematics Advanced Diagnostics Device

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Experience the Future of Fleet with Our New DriverPoint® Telematics Advanced Diagnostics Device

In last month’s FridayFleet article we discussed the future of fleet, and this month we’re pleased to announce that we are well on our way to providing the predictive and prescriptive analytics we described in that article with our new DriverPoint Telematics Advanced Diagnostics device.

Our Advanced Diagnostics telematics device is the first of its kind to offer the ability to track the tire pressure, odometer, and oil life of fleet vehicles and seamlessly integrate that new data with several fleet products, providing fleet managers with even more data to optimize their fleet’s cost and productivity savings.

Combining vehicle health and diagnostics with driver behavior data

Not only is our new Advanced Diagnostics telematics device the most comprehensive and flexible telematics device on the OBD market, but it is also the only device in the fleet industry with a full database of Parameter IDs.

Whereas current data points in our DriverPoint Telematics focus mainly on driver behavior like acceleration, deceleration, speed limits, and idle time to help you save money, you will now be able to realize even more maintenance, fuel, and productivity savings with our new Advanced Diagnostics device by continually tracking the health of your fleet vehicles.

“We will be able to help you make smarter fleet management decisions throughout not only telematics, but also fuel, maintenance, accident management, and every aspect of your fleet with this new data,” said Tom Sloan, Donlen manager of telematics.

We’re constantly improving our products to increase your savings

Innovation is in our DNA , and we know that by consistently investing in our technology, products, and services, we will help our customers make the most of their fleet spend. Our DriverPoint Telematics has already helped fleet managers see the following savings:

  • Increased MPG by more than 5%
  • Lowered accident rates by more than 10%
  • Decreased mileage by more than 7%
  • Lowered total operating costs by up to 11%

With our new Advanced Diagnostics telematics device, fleet managers will be able to receive additional maintenance and productivity benefits such as:

  • The ability to accurately forecast, budget, and maintain vehicles using actual odometer readings rather than relying on driver input of mileage
  • Up to a 3.3% increase in MPG and increased driver safety by properly managing tire pressure
  • Reducing engine failures and properly maintaining vehicles by tracking the true oil life of your fleet vehicles

As our customers have come to expect, the new device data is fully accessible through our award-winning FleetWeb® technology to help you reduce vehicle downtime, realize savings, and increase driver safety.

“Fleet managers now have access to real-time tire pressure, odometer, and oil life data. The integration with our FleetWeb platform allows seamless communications with our other programs,” said Sloan. “We are excited that this next evolution in Telematics will bring us closer to the fully connected vehicle.”

Donlen’s continued investment in technology

Providing our customers with the best technology in the fleet industry is an ongoing effort for Donlen. Coming soon, we will also be offering our customers the ability to track seatbelt use and air bag deployment with DriverPoint. Beyond that, we will continue to develop new technology to prepare you for the future of fleet.

How do I learn more about predictive analytics?

Tom Callahan Video Thumbnail

Fleet Management Weekly recently interviewed Donlen President, Tom Callahan, in a video titled “Using Analytics to Make the Future Happen.” Hear Tom’s insights in the video here.

The right partner for the future.

Donlen will continue to invest in our technology to make it easier for our customers to manage their fleet. We will continue to develop technology to prepare you for the next big thing in fleet management, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Questions about DriverPoint Telematics and Advanced Diagnostics?

To find out more about DriverPoint Telematics and our new Advanced Diagnostics device, contact us.

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Check Out Our Handywork in Interstate Batteries’ #DriveForGood Campaign


Just under two months ago, Interstate Batteries came to Donlen requesting the delivery of 157 vehicles wrapped to look like the official Interstate Batteries NASCAR Toyota Camry. We worked with various Interstate providers to coordinate a timely delivery of 60 vehicles for phase one of their project. These vehicles were debuted at the Texas Motor Speedway last Friday, November 20, where 60 Interstate distribution partners as well as project partners were invited to test drive the street legal vehicles. Through our proven processes, customer-focused approach, and innovative fleet technology, Donlen was able to manage the coordination and execution of this project by Interstate’s fast-approaching deadline.

“Donlen helped us to make a never-been-done idea into reality within just a few months,” said Norm Miller, chairman of Interstate Batteries and originator of the concept to create a fleet of street-legal race cars. “That says a lot about their excellent work ethic, how open they are to innovation, – and how willingly they work alongside a number of partners to make it all happen!”









24/7 Driver Contact Center

Please note that our Driver Call Center is open 24/7! Drivers can call 1-800-323-1483 for assistance any time. Our Driver Call center is open around the clock so your drivers can get the help they need – when they need it!

From standard fuel card management to emergency rental and maintenance requests, the best-in-class customer service your drivers have come to expect is available late at night and on the weekends. Whatever drivers might need, our team is available to answer questions and get them back on the road as quickly as possible.

Drivers can reach our Driver Call Center any time, any day of the week by calling 1-800-323-1483.


Is Your Personal Property Tax Address Correct?

This is a friendly reminder that for personal property tax purposes in the states that tax personal property, and especially vehicles, it is important that your address is up to date and correct in FleetWeb. Your address must be correct by the following dates in the following states, as they are the dates which are used to determine if property tax is due. This date is known as the assessment date, and all changes should be done no later than two weeks after the assessment date. If you have any issues updating your address by this date, you must let your account manager know by the same date, otherwise the filings will be done with the information contained on file.

This list is only for states in which we need to file a rendition (return) listing all vehicles present on the assessment dates. However, keep in mind that all other states’ addresses should be kept current as well.


If you have questions about updating your address or personal property taxes, contact us.

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Lifecycle Cost Management: 36-Month versus 60-Month Sedan Lifecycle Cost Analysis

No matter what type of asset you have in your fleet – cars or trucks – understanding the entire lifecycle cost is the only way for you to effectively manage cash flow. Donlen Strategic Consultants conducted a lifecycle cost analysis using a typical intermediate sedan from within the Donlen fleet portfolio. The case study includes analysis of 36-month versus 60-month:

  • Overall Annual Cash Flow Comparison
  • Rental Cost
  • Fuel Cost
  • Maintenance Spend
  • Resale Proceeds

For the full analysis, download here.



Donlen Experts in the Media

Donlen regularly shares opinions and advice with members of the fleet industry regularly. Today we feature a few of the many stories that we were involved in. Enjoy!

Donlen Starts a New Era with a Focus on Cultivating Innovation features:

  • Tom Callahan, President

Driver’s Corner

Turkey Day is almost upon us, which for many people means traveling far and wide to spend time with family for the holiday. One of the most important holiday travel tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is to prepare your vehicle.

Before you embark on your holiday travels, make sure you:

  • check your tires and windshield wipers
  • check to see if your car has been recalled
  • keep up with routine maintenance and tune ups

In addition to preparing ahead for your trip, remember to buckle up, eliminate distractions, and as always, don’t drink and drive.

Read the rest of the NHTSA’s tips for safe Thanksgiving travel here!


And Finally


Hoping to find a car with a big red bow on it in your driveway this holiday season? Purchasing a car for one of your loved ones? Automakers have already begun launching their holiday sales, so check out this article from U.S. News & World Report to find out how you can get the best deals on vehicles!

Have a great holiday weekend and safe travels.


Originally appeared in FridayFleet on November 24, 2015