How to Be a Global Success

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Going Global:
Understanding Cultural Differences

Whether you already manage a global fleet, or plan to at some time in the future, it’s important to understand the differences you’ll encounter when working abroad. Often, it comes down to first understanding the culture before you even dive into the logistics of acquiring and managing vehicles.

No one knows this better than Donlen’s President, Tom Callahan. Tom spent a good part of his career in leadership positions in general management, sales management, product development, quality, and operations in North America, UK, Japan, and Australasia.

“Understanding the culture of the country is key to being successful when working outside of the US,” said Tom. “Embracing the differences in work styles, management priorities, and business practices will make time spent there not only enjoyable but much more productive.”

Below, we’ve compared the cultural differences* of two important fleet markets; Japan and Australia; to the United States. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but it does represent some key differences between many elements of business relationships we often take for granted.



*For informational purposes only and should not be construed as business advice or serve as a substitute for sound business advice. Consult your business advisor about global business.

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Driver’s Corner

Did you know your vehicle could float in as little as one foot of water? No one likes to think about it, but there is a possibility that you will encounter some type of natural disaster in your lifetime. And for those of us who spend many hours a day in our cars, knowing what to do could save your life. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and blizzards all pose unique challenges and threats. Equally important is knowing what to do from the time you hear the first warning, to actions during the event, on through the aftermath. > This infographic is a great resource of steps you can take to stay safe.

And finally…

And finally, we love auto design here at FridayFleet, and we especially love concept cars. So when we found pics of Japanese concept cars from the past 50+ years, we were pretty happy. This selection from 1957 to 2009 includes concepts that would look right at home on today’s roads. Check out the gallery here >

And we couldn’t help but to also include these two “personal mobility” concepts out of Australia > Some day soon perhaps…

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on October 18, 2013

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