Important Donlen Hurricane Updates; Info for Your Drivers; Latest Industry Updates

We continue to monitor the situation on the East coast in order to provide you with the latest information that may impact your operations. If you have specific questions about your account, we can be reached in the following ways:

  1. Call or email your Donlen Account Manager
  2. Call 847-714-1400 and ask to be transferred to Customer Service
  3. (CANADA only): Email

Information that you can forward to your drivers:

Fuel: Contact the Driver Call Center if you need assistance finding fuel. All requests for fuel will be approved by Donlen if you are over your limit. Please be advised that you may find limits at certain fueling stations put there by the owners. The best opportunity to purchase fuel may be for you to leave the affected areas if possible. Fuel lines of two to four hours are not uncommon and you may still experience a limit on the amount you can purchase. By leaving the area and heading inland you will be more likely to find fuel available and not see the purchase limits.

Maintenance: Repair facilities continue to reopen daily as power is restored or clean up completed. Vehicles needing repair may require you to leave the affected area to obtain service. For maintenance customers, if you are unable to take your vehicle to your normal repair facility and are in need of service, please contact the maintenance call center for assistance in locating a repair facility.

Damaged vehicle: If you have a vehicle that has sustained flood damage due to the hurricane it is likely that the vehicle will be totaled primarily due to the damage caused by the salt water. Salt water is highly corrosive to electrical components and it is not always possible to completely remove all traces, which can cause issues that may not be evident for months to come. Additionally, there will be the cost of interior replacement to consider. If your vehicle is on Donlen’s Accident Management program, call Donlen for assistance with handling these vehicles. For other leased vehicles, if you have insurance contact your Insurance Company. For self-insured customers, please contact your Donlen Account Manager.

Donlen Department Updates

Donlen Canada:

We continue to experience phone and internet outages at our Canadian office. Our provider states that they are working on restoring service, but do not have an estimated completion time. Calls are being re-routed and handled by Donlen personnel in the area. You may receive voicemail due to fewer available lines, but we will respond to you as soon as we can. You can also send an email to We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep our Canadian customers posted with updates.


We have reports that drivers in affected areas are experiencing a $25 limit on fuel purchases. Donlen’s Driver Call Center has been set up with access to the Comdata fuel station finder, and can assist drivers in locating fuel. Please note: information in the Comdata fuel station finder is based upon the last transaction processed at a station and is not a guarantee that fuel will be available. All requests for fuel in the eastern part of the country will be approved by Donlen in the event a vehicle has exceeded the spend limits. If you need additional assistance with fuel, please contact your Account Manager.


Road closures, damaged and closed bridges, and lack of power at dealerships are preventing vehicle pickups throughout the area. We are currently assessing the extent of impact to remarketing efforts in the area and will update you as information becomes available.

License and Title:

Please review the sites listed below for particular station closing/open and information in these states:

Vehicle Rentals:

Donlen can offer our customers priority access to Hertz rental vehicles if needed. Please contact your Account Manager if you require rental vehicles.

As part of their Hurricane Sandy contingency plan, the following Hertz East Coast locations will be open from 9am to 12pm on Sunday, November 4, to facilitate rentals:

Industry and Manufacturer Updates


Most company stores are now open and operations have started to improve. The following locations remain closed:


Infrastructure and limited fuel supply are impacting current shipments to New York and New Jersey, but we’re receiving reports that indicate that operations may return to normal in the upcoming week to certain areas. We will continue to monitor this situation, especially as it relates to any remarketing or manufacturer delays.

Storage Locations:

All Donlen storage locations are currently assessing impact to our vehicles in storage. Right now, power and road conditions seem to be the major issue affecting storage locations. Early reports state that damage to stored vehicles may be minimal, but we cannot confirm this yet. We continue to communicate with all storage locations for status updates and will report on this again as soon as information becomes available.

General Motors (GM):

GM’s logistic reports that they are back to normal operations at all shipping locations with the exception of Doremus, NJ, and Port Newark. Access is not allowed in the Port of Newark and the Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC). GM continues to monitor the transit activity and will advise when they have new information.


The port of Newark has experienced significant flooding. Toyota is currently assessing port inventory. With the port closings, alternative plans are being made for incoming ships. The Doremus railhead, where their domestic vehicles arrive into the port, is without power. Vehicles cannot be shipped until power is restored. Direct ship from the Woodstock (RAV4) and Cambridge (Corolla) Plants and shipments from the Mechanicville, NY, railhead and the Brookfield, MA, railhead may be delayed due to flooding on the tracks, road disruptions, and driver availability.

FleetWeb® Tips

Quickly access copies of your vehicles’ registrations in the Vehicle Information Center in FleetWeb. This is an easy way to make a reference or send to a driver if necessary.

  • Click “Vehicle Info” in the menu at the top of the screen
  • Search for the vehicle by entering the DVN, CVN, etc.
  • Click on the blue “License and Title” link in the Vehicle Information Center
  • In the window that appears, click on the appropriate blue “Registration [Date]” link on the left hand side under “Documents”
  • A copy of the registration will open in a new window


Driver’s Corner

Please refer to the main section of this week’s FridayFleet for news you can forward to your drivers.

And Finally…

And finally, stories of the American spirit shine amid the tragic circumstances on the East coast. Homes and businesses with power offering “free electricity” so people can charge phones. A woman grilling free food on the streets of New York. Whole Foods handing out free fruit. And below, people take turns riding a bike powering a generator to charge phones. Check out these and other “Amazing Acts of Kindness” here > Picture Gallery

Good thoughts to everyone impacted by the storm. Safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on November 2, 2012

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