Keep Score to Lower Fleet Cost: Donlen’s Scorecard

donlen-tom-sloanTom Sloan, Donlen Director, Analytical Product Management, is one of our Strategic Consulting Scorecard’s heaviest users. With the Scorecard, Tom and the other Donlen consultants provide insights into fleet performance and then give recommendations to help reduce costs and develop short- and long-term goals. The once-manual process is now fully automated within FleetWeb™, Donlen’s fleet management platform.

“From a time management standpoint, automating the Scorecard has been huge,” said Tom. “We used to manually download about 360 different Excel reports, extract the relevant data, and create a single document to present to customers. The time it takes to just create the Scorecard document has been slashed from about 24 hours down to one because it’s all done automatically based on the parameters put into the system.”

For those customers utilizing Donlen’s Strategic Consulting services, the automation of the scorecard can have a great impact. “Automation has freed us to do what we do best: analyze the numbers. By not having to spend time formatting, we’re able to spend more time with the data than we did previously, analyzing specific areas to uncover opportunities or problems,” Tom went on to say.

One of the key features is that consultants now have the ability to create a new chart or table on the fly directly in the system – something that was difficult with the manual process, which followed a more stringent formatting process.

“I really love the ability to customize the Scorecard to the customer’s requirements,” said Tom. “For instance, if we see a spike in March maintenance spend, we can see what’s behind those numbers right away, create a chart which shows the reason for the spend, and then use it to have a discussion with the customer. Conversely, if there’s a chart that is not as meaningful for a customer, we can easily exclude that from their Scorecard. It’s totally tailored to what is important to them.”


How does the automated Scorecard work?

The large-scale automation project consisted of a complete rewrite of the Scorecard system to build a more optimal and standardized output. Used as part of a Strategic Consulting customer’s quarterly review, the consultant uses the automated Scorecard system to synthesize all available data so they can provide in-depth analysis of past fleet performance and identify areas of opportunity.

Results of the automation were significant:

  • Approximately 360 reports with two years of transactional data are aggregated, manipulated, and analyzed with a click of a button
  • Charts and supporting data tables are generated automatically based on input parameters, and final layout can be customized per customer requirements
  • More than 20 filters are available to aggregate the data, presenting more customization options to meet customer objectives
  • Significant decrease in creation time from more than 24 manual hours to less than one hour, allowing consultants more time to analyze data and create recommendations
  • Standardized process improves data accuracy while providing a consistent user interface for consultants and customers
  • Customers can now access online versions of their Scorecard in FleetWeb®, Donlen’s fleet management platform
  • Automated online version reduces paper usage, providing a more environmentally friendly process

If you’d like more information about our Strategic Consulting services, or the Scorecard, contact Tom Sloan at 847-412-4991.

We’re very pleased to announce that Donlen was named to the 2012 InformationWeek 500, an annual listing of the nation’s most innovative users of business technology. We are especially proud that we achieved this with an entry for our Strategic Consulting Services Scorecard automation, a process that we use internally that helps our customers reduce costs and improve fleet optimization.

InformationWeek identifies and honors the nation’s most innovative users of information technology with its annual 500 listing. The InformationWeek 500 rankings are unique as they spotlight the power of innovation in information technology, rather than simply identifying the biggest IT spenders.

“The Strategic Consulting Scorecard is only one example of how we’re using innovation to massively increase productivity, not only for customers but internally as well,” said Dennis Straight, Donlen’s Chief Information Officer. “Being named to this list highlights Donlen’s commitment to technology and our strong focus on process improvement to deliver the fleet industry’s most innovative services and products.”

FleetWeb® Tips

If you are on our Scorecard program, did you know that you can see a deeper breakdown of your data from any graph with the click of one button:

  • Select “Scorecard” from the “Reporting” tab found at the top of the FleetWeb menu
  • Click on any of the scorecard categories such as acquisitions, remarketing, equity and cycling, maintenance, or fuel
  • Click on “+ Supporting Data Tables” found at the bottom of the chart
  • Detailed data will display providing a complete picture of fleet trending


Upcoming Webinars and Conferences


Green Fleet Conference: Donlen is proud to be a Premier Sponsor for one of the industry’s leading events dedicated to fleet sustainability. Head to the Midwest for the annual Green Fleet Conference & Expo, October 2-3, 2012, Renaissance Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL.


Driver’s Corner

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And Finally…

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Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on September 14, 2012

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