Multi-Platform Remarketing for Fleet Vehicles

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Speed, convenience, accuracy, and best ROI. Those are the goals of just about every aspect of managing a fleet – including remarketing. Lately, “multi-platform selling” has emerged as an industry hot topic. And if you remarket your fleet vehicles, this could be a game changer.

We asked Gus Xamplas, Donlen’s VP of Remarketing, to explain what it means and weigh in with his thoughts on the question everyone is asking: Is this the future of remarketing?

The Future of Remarketing

By Gus Xamplas

Donlen-Online-Fleet-Remarketing-webThe latest buzz in the remarketing world revolves around posting units for sale on several Internet auction platforms at the same time, or “multi-platform selling” – a new sales environment in the wholesale market.

If (or perhaps I should say when) the industry moves to true multi-platform selling, it will be great news for companies wanting to sell vehicles quickly, at the best possible return on their investment.

But we’re not there – yet.

In the wholesale arena there are probably four major Internet platforms that dealers use to purchase vehicles. Every platform is unique and has to be searched separately. I’m sure each dealer has a personal favorite that they use primarily, if not exclusively. It’s probably the site they’re most familiar with and can navigate most quickly.

To reach the maximum number of dealers, consigners need to post vehicles on each of those platforms… one unit at a time. And in order to avoid selling the same vehicle twice, consigners have to monitor all the platforms and pull postings down from all the sites when a unit sells on one.

Doesn’t sound ideal, does it? It’s not. Let me explain further.

Current technology allows for a single posting to appear on multiple sites, which then monitors those sites for bidding activity. But it doesn’t do the whole job in my opinion. It doesn’t allow for competitive bidding among the various sites –which is key to obtaining the best ROI. When a bid is registered on one site, the posting is pulled from the other sites. Bidding continues on the original site until the sale is complete. Dealers on the other sites never see the vehicle once that first bid registers. We think that’s about to change.

The future of remarketing

Have you ever purchased an airline ticket or booked a hotel through an Internet hub that allowed you to search multiple providers at once? Remarketing will follow suit with a single portal that allows competitive bidding among all the dealers simultaneously. Dealers will be able to search and bid on ALL Internet inventories at once – not just what would normally be posted on their favorite site.

So what does that mean for you? More dealers viewing and bidding on the same vehicle from different internet auction sites will help you get top dollar for your off-lease vehicles.

This is no small undertaking. First, it will require standardization across the industry; for instance, auctions will need to start and stop at the same time, dealers will want this functionality but still be able to use their favorite platform, to name only a couple of the issues that have been discussed. And it will require auctions and consigners to work together.

Challenging across all fronts, but it can be done.

Donlen is helping move the industry toward a solution through its participation with the IARA (International Automotive Remarketers Alliance). I’m currently the Vice President of IARA and sit on the organization’s Executive Committee. I’ll be watching this issue closely and will report back on progress or updates as they become available.

In the meantime, if you have questions about your remarketing program, please feel free to contact me at

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FleetWeb® Tips

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Hertz Value Lease® Deal of the Week

donlen-hertz-value-lease-chevy-cruze-07132012 CHEVY CRUZE LT*

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Driver’s Corner

The day is hectic, and you’re running late to your next appointment. But your stomach is rumbling; it’s well past lunchtime. You pull into the next drive-through restaurant you see and order your favorite items. Off again, but you spill your drink or drop some food on the carpet. Did you know that eating and drinking in your vehicle could be hurting resale value? Spots and stains – and smells – decrease the value of your vehicle or require expensive cleaning prior to selling. Do your best not to eat in the vehicle, and ultimately help the bottom line.

And finally…

And finally, since we’re still in the Tour de France mood (it continues through this weekend), we present yet another venture of a luxury automaker into the bicycle industry. This time it’s Lexus, who brings a slew of the industry’s latest technologies to a sleek two-wheeled machine. Carbon fiber, 22-speed electronic shifting, comfort geometry, and a paint finish worthy of the Lexus brand. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to ride a bike watching this year’s Tour? Well, this bike can be yours for about $10k – but you’re probably out of luck. There were only 100 made and only three made it to North America (two in the US and one in Canada). Oh well, you can still check out the photo gallery here >

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on July 19, 2013

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