Reflection of 2014, and the 2015 Road to Success

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Reflection of 2014, and the 2015 Road to Success

Message from Tom Callahan

2014 was a very successful year for Donlen. We invested in technology and process improvements designed to keep Donlen ahead in the fleet industry. This means that you will benefit from our investments. Be assured that anything we do is with your satisfaction in mind. By listening to your needs, we can develop solutions that will give you more time to focus on other initiatives. As I look back, I am proud to reflect on our 2014 accomplishments, such as:

  • Driver Management:  This new tool allows Fleet Managers to effectively manage and store driver related information separately from vehicle information. The new user interface consolidates multiple screens into one easy-to-use section.
  • VIC Update: We want you to be efficient. We developed new action items designed to help Fleet Managers enter requests quickly. For example, receiving help from your Account Managers without leaving the screen is one new benefit. We also have videos posted in FleetWeb to demonstrate the new features of VIC, just type “Discovery.”
  • Mobile Apps: Our team delivered updated versions of FleetWeb Mobile and DonlenDriver Mobile Apps. Our mobile apps have a redesigned home screen, easy navigation menu, one touch access to the contact center, and compatibility across most mobile operating systems.
  • New FleetWeb:  Our fully integrated fleet management systems have been upgraded to allow users quicker access to most-used functions, expanded reporting, and behind the scenes upgrades to allow for faster downloads.
  • Improved Accident Management Program: Continuing our best-in-class accident and risk management services, we now operate a 24/7 call center; over 2,400 auto body repair sites, and 1,000 truck body shops. Also, fleet managers will be able to receive extensive data on the cost of repairs prior to approval.

2015 promises to be a big year for Donlen
To succeed, you need the right solutions to help you be more efficient and show cost savings through our fleet program. Be on the look-out for some of our newer initiatives, which include:

  • An improved reporting format
  • Upgrades to our telematics platform
  • Exciting developments in Remarketing to improve returns and efficiency

You have my commitment to help you run an efficient fleet, and 2015 will be the best year yet.

All the best,


Donlen Named Stevie Award Finalist in Two Categories

Donlen-FridayFleet-AwardDonlen has been selected as a finalist in two categories for the Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards are the world’s premier business awards, created to honor and generate positive contributions made by organizations and professionals worldwide. Created in 2002, the Stevie has become of one the world’s most coveted business prizes.

Donlen is being recognized as Front-Line Customer Service Team of the year, as well as a finalist for Business Intelligence Solution for developing AssetCheck. For non-vehicular assets such as trailers or equipment, AssetCheck allows users to setup notifications and geofences to track the movement of the AssetCheck devices. The AssetCheck devices also are one of the first on the market to offer a solar-powered, regenerating battery, lasting more than 10 years.

Stevie Award results will be announced at a gala on Friday, February 27, 2015 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Capture the Right Data with DriverPoint

Sell-Sheet-pg1-thumbnailThe right tool for capturing data begins with Donlen’s DriverPoint® Telematics. Donlen’s customized telematics program provides insight into improving your fleet by analyzing a driver’s behavior, such as rate of acceleration, hard stops, idle time, and driving routes all of which greatly impacts your MPG and fuel cost. DriverPoint Telematics combined with our award-winning FleetWeb® technology lets you uncover the right data surrounding your fleet, such as vehicle downtime, driver safety, fuel card usage, and predictive maintenance.


Ericsson Sees ROI with Telematics; Widespread Improvements Throughout Fleet

Ericson-Whitepaper-WEB-135pxEricsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators, initiated a six-month DriverPoint® Telematics trial in 420 F-150s ready for delivery.

Throughout the trial, there were widespread improvements in driver behavior, fuel economy, and safe driving patterns.

“One of the more interesting parts of the trial was our analysis of driver oil-change downtime by vendor,” said Tom Sloan, Director of Analytical Product Management. “We presented Ericsson with a cost versus time analysis, and they in turn can direct drivers appropriately. Armed with this type of data, Ericsson can continue to see great results using DriverPoint.”

For the complete report, click here.


Customer Satisfaction Increases

Donlen-Satisfaction-2014Our customer satisfaction scores are in, and we are proud to say that we have increased our overall satisfaction from 96% to 97% this year. We have implemented a new customer experience structure designed to get your feedback quicker through a feedback link on all customer service emails, as well as recordings designed to train our customer service team.

Each year, we ask our customers this key question: “How likely are you to recommend Donlen to a friend or colleague?” The metric that the questions produces is called the Net Promoter Score. Various studies have shown that companies with a higher Net Promoter Score achieve long-term growth at a much higher rate than those who do not.

In 2014, Donlen achieved a Net Promoter Score of 63, more than three times the national average for U.S. companies.

FleetWeb Reporting Documentation

Are you new to FleetWeb and need guidance on how to get the most out of your reports?

Check out the report documentation available in FleetWeb. Here you’ll find information on how to use the reporting interface as well as the Top 50 Recommended FleetWeb Reports. You can find the documentation by clicking the question mark in the reporting application.


Donlen Experts in the Media


Automotive Fleet recently published their “Looking Forward, Fleet Management Circa 2025” article which focuses on productivity, maintenance, vehicle selection and purchasing, taxation, and license and title. Five of our experts were featured in this article, and we would like to know what you think the future will hold for fleet. Let us know by emailing us at

Fleet Management 2025 Forecast: Productivity Tools

  • Jeff Pursell, Vice President, FleetWeb Products
  • Amy Blaine, Vice President, Consulting, Analytics and Sustainability
  • Tom Sloan, Manager, Telematics Products

Fleet Management 2025 Forecast: Fleet Taxation

  • Tom Tallarito, Director of Tax and Accounting Operations

Fleet Management 2025 Forecast: Fleet License and Title Services

  • Brad Kacsh, Director of Licensing Services

Considering adding NGV’s to Your Fleet?

While natural gas vehicles are becoming a popular option for many fleet managers looking to save on their fuel spend, there are important vehicle configuration issues to consider.

Rob Minton, Director of Sales for VNG, a partner of Donlen, wrote an article for Automotive Fleet titled “Considerations When Adding NGV’s to Your Fleet,” in which he discusses some of the trade-offs to consider for a NGV vehicle.

“One of the most prevalent for many fleets is the trade-off between the fuel cost savings and the loss of cargo space and payload capacity,” states Minton. In some cases, “the tanks are fitted around the frame under the vehicle body. The optional fourth is placed in the cargo area.” For some fleets, this cargo area space is already used to capacity.

For the complete story, please click here.

Interested in adding NGV vehicle’s to your fleet? Please contact us at

Driver’s Corner


Staying Warm During a Winter Storm

It is the beginning of February and the winter season can still drop a lot of bad weather on us before the end of the month. If you are driving and you are suddenly stranded in your vehicle during a winter storm, has some tips for you:

  1. Run your vehicle for 10 minutes every hour.
  2. Bundle up.
  3. Keep a winter survival kit in your car.

For more tips on how to survive being stranded in your vehicle during the winter, click here.

And Finally

And finally, Super Bowl XLIX will be taking place on Sunday February 1. If you will be one of the estimated 111 million viewers watching the New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks, one thing for sure is you will be watching the commercials. For companies willing to captivate the Super Bowl audience, it will cost about $4.3 million for 30 seconds of your time. Mercedes Benz is just one of the many car manufacturers that definitely wants your time. To get a sneak-peek of their 3-part commercial click here, or how about Kia and James Bond.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!

Have a great weekend and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on January 30, 2015

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