Excel as a Strategic Fleet Manager in 7 Steps, NAFA in the Rearview Mirror

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Excel as a Strategic Fleet Manager in 7 Steps

A strategic fleet manager is hard to define. They’re someone who needs to have a long-term vision of what they want to accomplish for their fleet while setting policies that are supported by senior leadership. They should embrace advancements in technology and use it to lead innovative change as well as integrate new programs into their fleet management strategy. Perhaps most importantly, strategic fleet managers need to manage their fleet proactively, preparing their fleet to take advantage of changing trends within the industry rather than reacting to them.

Click “read more” below to learn how you can excel as a strategic fleet manager in seven steps!

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Telematics Data Points that can Help You Predict and Prevent Fleet Accidents

One of the main reasons to use a telematics solution is to track infractions that are indicative of risky driving behavior. Telematics data points that can help you identify your fleet’s riskiest drivers and coach their behavior to reduce your fleet’s accident rate include harsh acceleration and deceleration, speed events, and seat belt usage. Click below to find out how you can use that data to improve the safety of your fleet.

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NAFA’S 2018 I&E in the Rearview Mirror

This time last month, NAFA’s 2018 I&E was just getting started. Now another eventful I&E has come and gone, but just in case you missed it, we want to give you a recap of our busy week at NAFA!

Our team at NAFA had an action-packed week, with John Korte, Donlen VP, mobility business development, speaking at the International Fleet Academy mobility pre-conference, many educational sessions hosted by our experts and customer partners, more demos of our innovative fleet technology at our booth than ever before, and of course, our best after party event yet, Donlen’s ’90s Palooza!

Click below to read about all of the activities Donlen was involved in at this year’s I&E!

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Bigger, Better VOM

Deciding which fleet vehicle to select and the optimal time to replace that vehicle has just been made a whole lot easier! Donlen’s Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM) features have grown to include greater vehicle selection and more predictive modeling, meaning optimal data-driven fleet decisions for you.

Expanded VOM features now include:

  • More than 2,200 vehicle make, model and trim levels from which to select
  • Vehicle segments that include large van and truck chassis
  • More filters useful in narrowing down selections
  • Predictive modeling of residual values, unscheduled maintenance and maintenance downtime
  • Optimal vehicle selection based on predicted total cost of operation (TCO) modeling
  • Optimal vehicle replacement parameters using predicted value of downtime modeling

No other industry optimization tool can boast the insights and features provided by Donlen’s Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM). Try it! Not a Donlen customer? Contact us to learn more about our innovative tools.

Greg Hawes Joins Donlen as Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Relations

All of us at Donlen are pleased to welcome Greg Hawes to our team as senior vice president, sales and client relations. Greg has a strong track record of success in driving revenue growth and sales optimization, enhancing client retention, leading change, and improving overall productivity, and we look forward to his leadership allowing us to enhance the experience of our current and new fleet customers.

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Donlen Experts in the Media

Donlen shares opinions and advice with members of the fleet industry regularly. Today we feature one of the stories that we were involved in. Enjoy!

Creating New Products for the Shared Mobility Space features:

John Korte, VP, mobility business development

Driver’s Corner

Did you know that sunrise and sunset are two of the most dangerous times to drive? During these times, the light sky prevents your eyes from adjusting to the dark roadway, making it very difficult to see pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

In this article, Automotive Fleet provides some tips for driving at dawn and dusk that can help keep you safe if you must commute during those times. For example, clean your windshield inside and out in order to reduce glare from the sun, drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility to other drivers, and only wear sunglasses if the sun is directly in your eyes.

And Finally

All eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the Royal Wedding last Saturday, but bride and groom and their many distinguished guests aside, several regal cars played a part in the royal wedding as well! Take a look at all of the vehicles from vintage to modern that got the royal family from point A to point B during the festivities here.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on May 25, 2018