Setting the Stage for the Future of Fleet

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Setting the Stage for the Future of Fleet

We constantly hear the question, “What’s the next big thing in fleet management, and what is Donlen doing to prepare for it?” At Donlen, we know that technology has changed the way you work, and we are paving the way for “the next big thing…” predictive and prescriptive analytics.

As the amount of data keeps increasing, managing it will be the key challenge in the future of fleet management. Donlen is setting the stage for predictive analytics, which will allow fleet managers to have insight into future events, even before they happen. They will be able to forecast downtime, and predict when maintenance failures will occur. Finally they will know the outcomes when they have to choose between scenarios A, B, or C. But to be predictive, fleet managers first need visibility to the right data.

How do I get visibility to the right data?

At Donlen, we say “Everything is better with DriverPoint Telematics.”Our telematics product gives fleets real insight into their entire fleet performance and allows your fleet data to be validated. For example, fuel data can show that a driver has filled their car with 15 gallons of fuel, but the fuel levels in our telematics reporting reveal that only five gallons made it into the tank. Here telematics has discovered potential costly fraud. Since DriverPoint Telematics is a Donlen-developed solution, it is seamlessly integrated with all of the data from our other programs. With fleet managers making informed decisions based off that data, we have seen the following savings:

  • Increased MPG by more than 5%
  • Lowered accident rates by more than 10%
  • Decreased mileage by more than 7%
  • Lowered total operating costs by up to 11%

Our Donlen Mobile Apps will pave the way to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

FleetWeb Mobile ImageDonlen’s mobile apps will deliver real-time data anywhere. Fleets will realize significant cost savings when mobile app technology is placed in the hands of fleet managers and fleet drivers. Our mobile apps will interface with the data, and this app technology will interact with the fleet managers and drivers in real time. Alerts will be precisely timed to notify drivers when a maintenance breakdown will occur, and drivers will then be routed to the nearest maintenance shop that can perform the work efficiently. Early users of our mobile apps are taking advantage of the fuel finder functionality that uses an algorithm to direct drivers to the optimal fuel station based on route, driving time and price of fuel. Fleets are seeing savings of 5-7 cents a gallon on their fuel purchases. When fleets are purchasing millions of gallons a year, the cost savings will be substantial. Donlen mobile apps will be a game changer for fleet managers by offering an array of helpful prescriptive actions at your fingertips.

How do I learn more?

Tom Callahan Video Thumbnail

Fleet Management Weekly recently interviewed Donlen President, Tom Callahan, in a video titled “Using Analytics to Make the Future Happen.” Hear Tom’s insights in the video here.

Brian Wright Video Thumbnail

Senior Vice President of Products and Services, Brian Wright, shared his mobile app insights with Fleet Management Weekly in a video titled “Mobile Apps a Game Changer for Fleet Managers.” See the video here

The right partner for the future.

Donlen will continue to invest in our technology to make it easier for our customers to manage their fleet. We will continue to develop technology to prepare you for the next big thing in fleet management, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Questions about DriverPoint Telematics and Mobile Apps?

To find out more about DriverPoint Telematics and our mobile apps, contact us.

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Donlen Discovery Videos

Are you taking advantage of the FleetWeb® tutorial videos in the FleetWeb Discovery section? If not, type “FleetWeb Discovery” in the search field to access our library of informative videos that will guide you through the different aspects of FleetWeb.

Videos include:

  • Driver management overview
  • Explore the new driver management interface
  • How to add a new driver
  • How to assign a driver
  • How to assign a vehicle
  • How to change driver status
  • How to manage programs
  • How to order factory and stock vehicles
  • How to transfer accounts
  • How to unassign a vehicle
  • Managing CD fields

Have suggestions for other videos? Please let us know.

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A More Efficient and Well Managed Truck Fleet

Mixed and dedicated truck fleets have deployed DriverPoint Truck Telematics and Asset Check to appropriately track and manage all of their assets to much success.

DriverPoint Truck Telematics and Asset Check
Donlen’s truck telematics solution is specifically engineered for medium/heavy-duty trucks. Unlike passenger vehicles that report through their OBD-II port, truck reporting comes from the J-Bus port. The new device captures information similarly to the OBD-II device, including idle time, speed limit violations, routing, and occurrences of harsh accelerations and decelerations. All of this information is fed into DriverPoint, resulting in a robust telematics offering that can cover passenger vehicles as well as trucks. By having a truck device, DriverPoint will be able to build enhancements including Electronic Record of Duty Status (eRODS).

In order to keep providing robust telematics solutions that suit the needs of diverse fleets, Donlen has released DriverPoint AssetCheck. Winner of a 2015 Stevie Award for New Business Intelligence Solution of the Year, AssetCheck is Donlen’s monitoring solution for tracking the location of non-vehicular assets, such as trailers or equipment.

AssetCheck answers two basic questions for fleets: “Where is it?” and “Did it move?” Users can set-up notifications and geofences to track the movement of the AssetCheck devices. The devices are fully built into the DriverPoint platform, appearing on the same map as vehicles and matching key integration factors from DriverPoint, such as fleet structure and user access.

The AssetCheck devices are one of the earliest adaptors of solar-powered, regenerating batteries. With proper access to sunlight, the devices can last more than 10 years when sending two notifications per day. Typical alternatives on the market last between one and two years before a full battery drain and replacement. This will be a tremendous benefit to our customers.

“Optimizing all aspects of fleet tracking is a continued area of emphasis for Donlen,” Tom Sloan, Donlen’s Manager of Telematics Products said. “We hear horror stories of high-cost trailers and equipment going missing. DriverPoint AssetCheck will help inventory and security applications for all of our customers. The solar-powered battery generation and seamless integration into DriverPoint add to the best-in-class suite of telematics services that Donlen offers.”

Contact us to learn more about DriverPoint truck telematics and Asset Check.

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Norandex DriverPoint® Telematics Case Study

Norandex-ImageNorandex Building Materials Distribution, Inc., came to Donlen looking for a better telematics program. Norandex needed an innovative, integrated, one-stop shop for all of the company’s fleet management needs. Donlen’s DriverPoint Telematics solution easily qualified, and Donlen ensured that all of Norandex’s needs were met.


Truck Success Stories

Truck-Success-Story-ImageDonlen has helped many companies achieve truck fleet success. We have compiled five success stories to highlight how our innovative approach has helped each unique fleet. Each company came to Donlen looking for ways to better manage their truck fleets, and Donlen developed fleet management programs to meet each company’s unique needs. Download a PDF now.



Donlen Experts in the Media

Donlen regularly shares opinions and advice with members of the fleet industry regularly. Today we feature a few of the many stories that we were involved in. Enjoy!

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  • Bill Byron, Senior Truck Specialist – medium/heavy duty
  • Joe Birren, Truck Design Consultant

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  • Cindy Gomez, Director of Vehicle Acquisition Services

Mobile Apps Deliver Cost Savings Q&A features:

  • Brian Wright, Senior Vice President of Products and Services

Driver’s Corner

Happy Halloween! While everyone is enjoying their tricks and treats this weekend, don’t forget about safety! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published their Halloween Safety Tips in 2013, but their tips are still invaluable today.

Most importantly, be on the lookout for little witches and ghouls as trick-or-treaters take to the streets. Slow down and be alert in residential areas. And as always, if spirits will play a role in your spooky celebrations, don’t drink and drive.

Read the rest of their tips here!

And Finally

And finally… It’s October 2015, so according to Doc Brown and Back to the Future, we should all be driving flying cars. Flying cars are out there, but today they’re expensive, impractical, and hard to drive or fly. Find out when you can expect to get your flying car (if ever) in this article from The Globe and Mail!

Have a great weekend and safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on October 30, 2015