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SCC-logo-tab-thumb-siteDid you know that employee sales are often the fastest, most efficient sales channel for your fleet vehicles? In fact, net returns for employee sales are typically hundreds of dollars more than those seen through other remarketing channels.

“INX uses ShopCompanyCars™ because it provides our employees the benefit of purchasing vehicles that have been well maintained by fellow employees, while removing me and the company as a whole from the process of selling cars that are going off lease. Selling vehicles via ShopCompanyCars has been a great benefit for everyone.”

Leah Fallico
Fleet Manager
INX International Ink Co.

Donlen’s proprietary employee sales website,, lets you offer your off-lease vehicles to employees at very attractive prices, far below the prices of retail dealers.

“ShopCompanyCars takes the fleet manager out of the retail car business,” said Anna Stanke, Donlen’s Manager. “They can focus on their business and not have to deal with the selling process. We do it all, from setting them up in the system, to employee communications, on through to the sale of the vehicle.”

What are the benefits?

“The old process for many of the ShopCompanyCars users was pretty cumbersome. When they wanted to offer off-lease vehicles to employees, the fleet manager would send out a company-wide email announcing the sale,” Anna said. “Then they would wait for responses, have to negotiate with the potential buyer, and deal with the entire process.”

“That’s not the case once they get on this program. They no longer have to be a car dealer.”

Flexibility is key with ShopCompanyCars

“Every company culture is different, and we can define the selling parameters based on what works best for you,” she said. “For some customers, they want to define a shorter sale of five to seven days. We have one customer selling CNG trucks, which are offered for a much longer time. Depending on your goals, we customize a solution to fit your needs.”

And the ShopCompanyCars interface is easy for employees to navigate, so there is little training needed to use the site. (See Figure 1, right)


Figure 1

donlen-scc-graphicBenefits for your employees:

  • Easy site registration: employees receive a secure username and password via email
  • No competition among buyers: confidential purchase process
  • Secure transaction management
  • Confidence in vehicle quality
  • Easy-to-use interface: no training required

Benefits for you:

  • Let us do the selling for you
  • Seamless integration with FleetWeb®: condition reports, pictures, and maintenance history is available to the potential buyer
  • Define your selling time: 5-day, 7-day, even longer!
  • Reduce your days to sell versus other remarketing channels
  • Great option for upstream selling: save on typical auction fees

What vehicles can be sold through ShopCompanyCars?

“Basically, we can sell anything that would be appropriate for your employees,” said Anna. “Cars, light trucks, vans, and alt-fuel vehicles to name a few. Pretty much any vehicle, with the exception of large equipment or heavy-duty trucks.

“There is not much need for a consumer to own a large piece of equipment,” she concluded with a smile.

“We can even sell vehicles that are sitting in the company’s parking lot,” she went on to say. “If they send us pictures and a condition report, we can list it.”

Who should use this program?

“ShopCompanyCars is the perfect addition to any remarketing program,” she said. “If you’re already doing personal sales, why not open it up to more employees with less administrative time on your part? It’s a great upstream selling option, and it can help to reduce your overall days to sell. It’s a win-win for any company who sells this way. And if you’re not selling to employees, consider this an opportunity to deliver a great employee benefit at very low cost and low risk.”

How does the process work?

Once you express an interest in employee sales, Anna works with you on system setup. This process takes approximately 1-2 weeks, and includes customization of the ShopCompanyCars interface, defining sale parameters, and assistance with promotion and marketing materials for employees.

“We want to make sure that employees know that vehicles are available for purchase,” Anna went on to say. “Employees see the opportunity to purchase vehicles as a company benefit. They feel more secure buying a gently used vehicle from the person in the next cubicle than from the lot off the street.”

> Download a ShopCompanyCars PDF

Anna Stanke can be reached at 847-412-5368

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on September 27, 2013

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