Simon Roofing and Source Refrigeration See Results with Telematics

Fleets See Results with Telematics

According to our recent telematics survey, cost lowering initiatives such as fuel savings and accident reduction remain among top reasons fleet managers give for using or considering telematics, and improving driver behavior continues to be a deciding factor for implementation. It’s apparent that fleets want to see results from their solution.

Below, we highlight Simon Roofing and Source Refrigeration, two DriverPoint® Telematics customers who are using telematics to improve their operations.

Simon Roofing Increases Visibility and Accountability with Telematics

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One of the nation’s largest and most vertically integrated roofing companies, Simon Roofing provides products and service before, during, and after the job is done. They handle every aspect of the process from specifications and manufacturing to installation and service, operating a fleet of approximately 250 units. Their fleet of primarily Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350 service and production vehicles is dispersed all over the country.

They had two challenges. First, they needed to better track and protect their assets that are scattered around the country. Second, they wanted a way to ensure their customers that they were actually on a job site when they said they were.

“If we bill a customer, I want to be able to back that up with GPS data,” said Joseph Simon, Asset/Risk Manager, Simon Roofing & Sheet Metal.

Because of the work they do, most drivers take their vehicles home. “It’s a benefit for our drivers. They get the vehicle plus fuel,” Simon explained. “But we still need visibility to those vehicles.”

They turned to Donlen and DriverPoint® Telematics.

Simon immediately saw the potential of DriverPoint, including the positive interaction he experienced with the DriverPoint team.

“From the start, I appreciated the support that I got from the team,” Simon commented. “We’ve worked together on a solution that’s right for us.”

One of the first things Simon did was work with the DriverPoint team to create a Job Audit Report. Now, they have a report that confirms location of drivers. “This is a real selling point for us. Our customers can rely on us to be accurate with our billing: if we say we were on a job site, we can back that up with GPS data and a single report.”

DriverPoint was fully implemented in October 2012 after a four-month pilot program. “We saw the benefits, and made the decision to use DriverPoint in the full fleet,” Simon said. “The ability to track fuel usage was another big factor.”

Simon also points to DriverPoint’s dashboard as a deciding factor. “Because DriverPoint is connected to the vehicle, we have full visibility to location, fuel purchases, maintenance, and idling from the dashboard. This was key for us.”

“DriverPoint has exceeded my expectations,” said Simon. “Not only is the program giving me data that I can use right now, I look forward to what is coming from the DriverPoint team.”

“Simon Roofing has been a great business partner,” said Nick Ehrhart, Telematics VP of Business Development, “They come to us with ideas, and they understand that some of their requirements may take a bit longer than others to implement. They’ve made a long-term commitment, and we know that’s going to give them the best outcome.”

Simon says that now he’s looking at the long-term benefits, including better monitoring of the vehicles and ultimately return on his investment.

“Idling is a key area of focus right now, and I’m looking toward DriverPoint to provide better research for us” he said. “Any way you look at it, it’s been a win-win for us at Simon Roofing.”

Source Refrigeration Uses Telematics Data to Improve Safety, Decrease Cost

Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc. is a market leader in the design, installation, repair and maintenance, and optimization of mission critical refrigeration and HVAC systems. Their fleet of 850 cargo vans is dispersed around the country.

They wanted insight into their drivers’ behavior and thought that information could have an effect on other areas within the fleet.

“We knew that if we improved the behavior of our technicians in the field we could see additional cost benefits,” said Patrick Surface, Corporate Director, Supply Chain Operations, Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc. “By tracking and monitoring driver behavior, we could influence fuel, safety, and maintenance.”

They turned to Donlen and DriverPoint® Telematics.

Initially, they were surprised by what they saw. “We have two different sides of our business: construction and service,” Surface explained. “There were not only differences in the driving habits of our two segments, but it was regionally influenced as well.”

Using DriverPoint for approximately two years, they are seeing numerous benefits of the program. At the onset, Source Refrigeration made it clear to drivers what they would be monitoring with telematics: rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, speeding, and idle time. Presenting drivers with monthly scorecards has helped influence the behavior to see results.

“Our fuel consumption has gone down quite a bit, and our accidents have dropped. We have a safer fleet as a result of using telematics.”

The data Surface obtains is one of the most valuable aspects of DriverPoint. He talks about an instance when a concerned citizen called regarding Source’s vehicles operating in an unsafe manner. “Using historical data from DriverPoint, we were able to go back and recreate the situation based on day and location. We were able to isolate three drivers who were racing on the highway. Having access to that data proved invaluable in this situation.”

Surface – a self-identified “data nerd” – takes the extensive amount of raw data that DriverPoint provides and inputs that into their system. From this, he creates a complete supply chain review that gives him insight into performance.

“We focus on the total cost per mile of our vehicles,” Surface said. “In addition to DriverPoint, Donlen is providing many ways to help us decrease our costs.”

About DriverPoint® Telematics

There’s no doubt about it: having visibility into your fleet will make your business run better. But choosing the right partner is critical to your program success. By implementing a comprehensive solution like DriverPoint Telematics, you’ll quickly see increased efficiency and driver accountability – and the difference it makes to your bottom line. What makes DriverPoint Telematics the best solution? Our customers select DriverPoint Telematics because they need insight into driver behavior and a safer fleet. They need lower maintenance costs and better MPG. And they need a solution that gives them complete integration with their other fleet data. Most important, they value our consultative approach that helps them identify areas of opportunity.

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on June 21, 2013

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