Tesla Roadster and NAFA; Plug-in Electric Vehicle Survey Results

Some performance machines look fast – even when they’re standing still.


The electric Tesla Roadster is one amazing car, and you have a chance to check it out for yourself when you visit Booth 1433 at the NAFA 2012 Institute and Expo, April 21-24 in St. Louis. Yep, we’ll have this beauty right in our booth! This is your chance to get up close and personal with one of the most anticipated electric vehicles on the market.

Powered by electricity, the Tesla Roadster “costs as little as $5 to charge, equivalent to $0.02 per mile. Alternatively, a gasoline-powered car rated at 20 mpg costs about $0.15 per mile.”


Worrying about running out of charge in a car that is geared toward performance? No need, says Tesla. “Owning a Tesla is easy. We design our cars to require minimal maintenance and have included many ways for the car to take care of itself. We have also continually advanced our technology with each new model released. Model S and Model X will have batteries that can sit unplugged for over a year when parked with only a 50 percent charge. And when that year is up, all you need to do is plug it in.”

The NAFA Expo is sold out, but you get a FREE PASS (PDF) to the show floor and keynote session, plus an opportunity to check out one of the hottest cars around!

Visit us in Booth 1433. This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss!

Do you still feel the same about electric vehicles? We’d like to hear from you.


2010 Survey Results: Concerns


2010 Survey Results: Applications

When Donlen conducted our Plug-in Electric Vehicle Survey in 2010, limited driving range per charge was cited as the number one area of concern for fleet managers. Now that EVs have been on the market for a while, do you still feel the same way about this issue?

At that time, those that did see a plug-in electric vehicle as a potential opportunity responded that they considered the plug-in electric as a way to reduce operating costs and emissions, improve corporate image, and decrease dependence on foreign oil. 35% of respondents saw a plug-in electric vehicle as a good fit for sales application drivers, with 25% of respondents targeting service drivers. More than 25% of respondents would target the Midwest region as the starting point for the use of plug-in electric vehicles, while the majority would consider multiple regions.

As some consumer data becomes available, we’re wondering if this statement from the 2010 survey is still accurate: “The lack of data surrounding operating cost, emissions, vehicle specifications, pricing, resale values, and fuel efficiency cloud the potential benefits.”

Are you considering using EVs in your fleet? Why or why not? We would love to hear from you. > Submit your responses here

Driver’s Corner

Listen up. Or more accurately: be on the lookout. More electric and hybrid vehicles on the road mean more quiet vehicles on the road. We’re accustomed to listening for the sounds of approaching vehicles when we’re behind the wheel and out walking or cycling. EVs and hybrids don’t emit the sounds we’re used to, and can potentially pose a safety hazard. Many manufacturers are adding in sound, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

And Finally…

And finally, if you think electric cars are some new innovation, think again. While there is some question over who actually invented the first one, estimates put the first electric-powered vehicle somewhere between 1828 and 1839. The early EVs were successful until the 1920s, when better roads were developed, gas became affordable, and of course, mass produced internal combustion engine vehicles became available. Air pollution and rising fuel prices gave EVs a surge in the 1970s, and more recent legislation and emission standards are once again driving the market. The range of EVs is pretty amazing right now as luxury automakers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and even Rolls Royce join Chevy, Ford, Toyota and others. And as gas prices continue to rise, we’re happy they didn’t go the way of the dinosaur. We’ll definitely be checking out the Tesla at NAFA. Hey, always good to have a dream, right?

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on March 23, 2012

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