Thank You Message, New Driver Management System and Holiday Hours

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Thank You Message from Tom Callahan

November is a time when we look back at the events and the people who have made an impact on 2014 and give “Thanks.” Throughout the year we have grown our partnerships to provide our customers improved product offerings, a more dominant maintenance program in Canada, a refined Accident Management program, and new technology enhancements to make your jobs easier and more efficient. As always, I am extremely thankful for each Donlen employee who has shown me time and time again how our customers are our number one priority and how we value their feedback and put their suggestions into action.

2014 is being termed as our technological advancement year. We have introduced updates and enhancements to several of our systems, including our award-winning FleetWeb platform. These updates provide more options, more reports and easier maneuverability throughout the system. Our mobile applications, FleetWeb Mobile and DonlenDriver Mobile also have been updated and will be re-released in the coming weeks. And coming soon, our new Driver Management system will allow you to have functionality that you have not had before.

On behalf of everyone here at Donlen, I would like to say thank you for your continued support, loyalty and dedication. I consider each one of our customers as a member of our Donlen family, and our success is all due to you. We could not have been one of the top fleet management companies without you.

Thank you and happy holidays from our family to yours.

All the best,


Tom Callahan

New Driver Management System Going Live

System Downtime Occurring This Weekend

The new Driver Management System is ready! This new system will allow you to effectively manage and store driver related information separately from vehicle information. The new user New-Driver-Managment-Systeminterface consolidates multiple screens into one easy-to-use section. The days of going to multiple screens to make changes will be a thing of the past.

Some of the new benefits include:

  • Independent management of driver information and vehicle information
  • Simplified vehicle assignment/reassignment administration
  • Improved searches for driver and vehicle history
  • Enhanced Business and Personal Mileage tracking and driver notifications
  • Ability to store a driver, a registration, and taxation address separately
  • Simplified setup of HR feeds to receive and populate employee data

Prior to the release, Donlen will need to perform a large data conversion which will occur Friday night and into Saturday morning. To accomplish this, we are planning to turn off access to starting at 7:00 pm CST on Friday November 21. FleetWeb will be available during the conversion, with the exception of DDC, Enroll Maintenance Vehicles and all vehicle ordering applications, which will be disabled.

During the conversion, anyone going to will see a message saying the site is currently down for maintenance and will be back up 9:00 am CST Saturday. We look forward to rolling out the New Driver Management System.

DriverPoint Implemented with Ease

Norandex Building Materials Distribution, Inc. was in search of a Fleet Management Company (FMC) that could provide them with all their fleet management needs, and technology that was robust, customizable and easy to use. Since Donlen developed their own telematics program, meeting these requests were easily attainable. Norandex and Donlen began their working relationship in June 2014, and DriverPoint Telematics began being installed immediately in all their trucks.

Norandex-logo-webCortney Hunyadi, Fleet Analyst with Norandex sat down with CJ Biank, Donlen’s Telematics Supervisor to discuss how easy it was to deploy and implement DriverPoint, and how this device is already benefitting the company.

What were some of the challenges that Norandex faced with implementing DriverPoint Telematics?

We have 104 locations across the country and we were right in the middle of our busy season. So trying to coordinate getting the devices implemented in our units was really our biggest challenge, because not all of the trucks are going to be available at the same time at the same location. However, with that being our biggest challenge, it was not a challenge for me because I was really pleased to see the DriverPoint team step-up to make all the arrangements with the installers and get it handled. There was very little administrative work on my end and your team was in constant contact with me if there were any questions or issues.

What one thing would you tell other companies to do to have a successful implementation?

The biggest advice I could tell them is communication is key. We communicated to our branches what we were doing, we communicated with training sessions, we communicated why we were making these changes and how it would benefit them. When showing how impressive this new system was, one common theme being communicated from our drivers was that they felt Big Brother was watching them. To ease this concern, we showed them some of the functionalities of the new system that we never had before, like deceleration, and how it could benefit the branch. This might show us an area to improve the tools we have for our drivers, like a better Garmin or similar device, which would better aid them in safe driving. By showing them the other data that was being gathered and how this would allow them to do their jobs more efficiently, the drivers were more receptive to the product.

Quote-norandexWe could not have done this implementation so successfully without communication, both with the field and with the DriverPoint team.

Was there one key feature or factor that led you to choose Donlen over the other FMC’s you were considering?

When we decided to change FMC’s we wanted to have all of our eggs in one basket with the programs to make things easier to monitor. But the telematics program was extremely important to us, particularly me since I work with all the data on a day-to-day basis. I knew that we needed a more robust system and we needed more information than what we previously had. What really sealed the deal for me was the level of customer service. I’ve had many questions come up both from the field and myself. Every time I call the DriverPoint team or anybody in the telematics department, everybody was knowledgeable and available to answer my questions, which is a huge thing. Your team is knowledgeable and open to new ideas, which is nice because it shows that you are always looking for ways to improve your product. We can be unique in many ways but we can also bring ideas to the table that can benefit other customers, and this openness to explore other ideas has been fabulous. But it is the level of service that really makes the difference when you are migrating to a new product.

How easy is it to administer the program both to you and to the field?

It is simple and clear. The field really loved the simplicity of it. They don’t have time to sit and figure out how to use new technology, their job is to make sales and deliveries to the customers, not sitting at a computer. This system is also much quicker than what they are used to and it saves them time on uploading the data, which is very helpful.

Donlen handled all the development needs for Norandex. How important was having no additional development duties needed from you?

It was extremely helpful because the DriverPoint team took the reins and got everything set up for us. This allowed us to focus our time and energy on other areas which were important during this transition. So yes it was important, a huge help.

In terms of data that is provided to you, what has been the most beneficial piece of information to Norandex?

Well there are a few things, but right now my favorite thing is seeing all of my new trucks getting delivered. We have 96 trucks on order, and being able to watch where they are at allows me to update my branch managers to arrange their schedules for delivery on a specific day. But one of the most useful pieces of information so far that we have never had before is seeing when a truck is having battery voltage issues. In the past this has been an issue for us at a few of our locations, and I am able to tell the branch manager what truck is going to need a new battery before it becomes a problem. Getting those notifications about a service issue is huge for us. It saves us time and the cost for having to get an onsite service or tow because we have a broken down truck on the side of the road.

You mentioned upfitters and seeing when the vehicles are being delivered to the dealers or branches. Can you please talk about the process?

Getting 96 trucks built is a huge order for us and there are a lot of logistical challenges that come into play with that, but the easiest piece was handling the telematics. We told you what trucks were going to be ordered, and you found out where they were going to be upfitted and you sent out the devices. There wasn’t one thing I had to do, I received early confirmation that all of the units were sent out and that gave me a huge level of confidence in the team.

Cortney, thank you for your time.

Ericsson Sees ROI with Telematics; Widespread Improvements Throughout Fleet

Ericson-Whitepaper-WEB-135pxEricsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators, initiated a six-month DriverPoint® Telematics trial in 420 F-150s ready for delivery.

Throughout the trial, there were widespread improvements in driver behavior, fuel economy, and safe driving patterns.

“One of the more interesting parts of the trial was our analysis of driver oil-change downtime by vendor,” said Tom Sloan, Director of Analytical Product Management. “We presented Ericsson with a cost versus time analysis, and they in turn can direct drivers appropriately. Armed with this type of data, Ericsson can continue to see great results using DriverPoint.”

For the complete report, click here.


Donlen Thanksgiving Hours

With the Thanksgiving Holiday upon us next week, we want you to know that although our office is closed, we are always at your service. Below are our hours and phone number to contact Donlen in case of an emergency.

Thursday, November 27: Call center is closed
Friday, November 28: Call center opens 12:01 am
Saturday, November 29: Normal business hours
Sunday, November 30: Normal business hours

If you are in need of assistance during the closed times, contact the call center at 1-800-323-1483 and you will be transferred to one of our roadside assistance vendors.

Be safe while driving during Thanksgiving.


Donlen Experts in the Media

Donlen has been busy this past month sharing opinions and advice with members of the fleet industry. Below are the many stories that we have been featured in. To read any of the articles, just click on the title. Enjoy!

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Driver’s Corner


Winter Driving Tips

The Hertz Corporation and long-time partner AAA, have teamed up to provide customers with helpful driving tips for safe travel during winter-weather conditions. If you’re traveling in an area with potentially snowy or icy roads, the following tips may come in handy with the recent weather we’ve been experiencing:

  • Watch weather reports for your route and destination in advance – Delay trips when especially bad weather is expected.
  • Ensure windshields are properly cleared and cleaned before driving.
  • Drive slowly – Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads…accelerating, stopping, turning. Give yourself time to maneuver by driving slowly. Also, maintain your speed when ascending a hill rather than accelerating. Speed combined with snow or ice can be very hazardous.
  • Do not use cruise control – Without cruise control you can instantly and easily decrease speed by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator. This, in turn, transfers weight to the front tires, giving them more traction.

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And Finally

Driving for Thanksgiving?

And finally, if are you planning on driving to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, you are not alone! According to Bloomberg, 89 percent of Americans will be driving to enjoy Thanksgiving with family, instead of flying. With gasoline prices under $3 per gallon, more people will be traveling than in years past.

If you are one of the many people driving and you get stuck in traffic, try playing one of these car friendly games to pass the time.

Have a great weekend. Safe travels.


Originally appeared in FridayFleet on November 21, 2014

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