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Donlen-Enhanced-ReportingWe’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of our enhanced reporting tool, available in FleetWeb®. The enhanced tool – simply called “Reports” under the Reporting dropdown menu – will eventually replace our existing DataMart tool. For now, both will be available to all FleetWeb users beginning Monday, November 4.

“For our customers, reporting is one of the most important functions within FleetWeb, so we’re very excited about this release,” said Dennis Straight, Donlen SVP and CIO. “We worked with customers to obtain their feedback throughout the development process, and we’re confident this enhancement will help them increase their day-to-day productivity. This is always the most important aspect of anything we do here.”

Customer Training and Communication

Customers will be invited to webinars where they will learn about the new features and to answer any questions they may have.

“To further help our customers make the transition to the new tool, both ‘DataMart’ and ‘Reports’ will be available for a brief time,” Dennis went on to say. “We wanted to give customers a chance to work with the new functionality before we switched over completely, but we encourage everyone to use the new tool right away.”

The transition should be easy for customers. The intuitive interface makes accessing reports simple and there is a handy reference guide which can be accessed directly from the new reporting interface.

Additionally, Donlen customer service reps have been trained and can provide assistance to anyone using the new version.

New Features

It was important to understand what customers needed, so we utilized a number of processes over the past year to obtain feedback. Surveys, webinars, phone calls, and in-person conversations were all part of the development process.

Amy Blaine, Donlen’s VP of Consulting, Analytics, and Sustainability, spearheaded the research. “Initially, our Client Advisory Board provided incredible feedback that gave us important insight into current and desired reporting requirements,” she said. “From there, we expanded conversations to include customers who are ‘super FleetWeb users’ and then our own Donlen employees, who also use reporting daily.”

This wealth of data helped to shape the overall direction of the new version. Below are only some of the highlights of the new reporting tool:

  • Reports Catalog: Search for a report by name; search results provide a description of the report
  • Google Maps Integration: View geographic-based data such as fuel and total active vehicles using Google Maps
  • DriverPoint® Telematics Integration (for those on this program): DriverPoint reports can now be viewed in FleetWeb using Google Maps
  • Email Report: Create/send a report via email while in FleetWeb along with the ability to export customized views
  • Instant Filtering: Report data can be filtered instantly by any columns in the report
  • Past 10 Reports List: Gives the user instant access to their most frequently used reports

There are also many user interface changes that will improve the overall experience for customers, including:

  • Tabbed interface: Allows user to view multiple reports within a tabbed format
  • Customizable Grid: Remove and move columns to format the report based on your preferences

Related Projects

“When speaking with customers and employees, we received great information for further enhancements,” Amy went on to say. “We are incorporating many suggestions into current projects already in our development cycle, and planning for 2014 projects as well.”

Related projects that address report format standardization and a new interface for custom reporting will be launching soon. Watch for those announcements here.

Please contact your Donlen Account Manager if you have questions.

Driver’s Corner

Spending a lot of time in your vehicle can have unwanted consequences on your health. Stress from traffic and hurried schedules, back pain from sitting in one position for a long time, and eye fatigue may occur. Be sure that you’re taking adequate time out of your vehicle to relieve these symptoms, are getting enough rest and good nutrition prior to entering your vehicle, and stay calm and relaxed while driving. Learning to breathe properly is one way to help you remain calm. Deep breathing can promote health in many ways, including improving fitness and mental performance. > Read more here

And finally…

And finally, truck drivers have a mandatory 34-hour restart –; a rest time when they must be off the road before they can start a new week. So what do the drivers do during this time? For one driver, he exchanges 18 wheels for two. Eric McWhirter drives about 3,500 miles a week and still manages to fit stress-relieving exercise into his schedule by taking his bike on the road with him. His Volvo 780 even gives him enough room so that he can ride inside the truck on a trainer if he needs to. Way to go, Eric. Keep the rubber side down.

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

Have questions or comments? We want to hear from you.

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on November 1, 2013

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