Using Metrics to Meet Goals

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Donlen-Data-AnalysisIn the Automotive Fleet Market Trends piece, Metrics is More than a Buzzword: It’s Key to a Well-Managed Fleet, author Mike Antich says,

“Metrics is the process of developing objective sets of data to measure how your fleet is doing relative to goals.”

He goes on to say that it’s important to select the “right metrics” in order to make the most impact. And we agree!

But how do you know what’s right? Donlen’s Amy Blaine, VP of Consulting, Analytics and Sustainability, below points to some of the best places to access the data you need to achieve your goals.

“The amount of data available to fleets can be really overwhelming,” said Blaine. “It’s essential to first clearly define your goals and then choose which metrics to focus on in order to meet them. By concentrating on very specific goals, then using the most appropriate metrics, you can really make an impact.”

Where can I access my data?


FleetWeb tracks every transaction related to your fleet, so the amount of data available to you is extraordinary. In FleetWeb, you’re able to track, monitor, report, analyze, and benchmark every facet of your fleet. And because no information is ever deleted from FleetWeb, you have a complete historical snapshot of your fleet, which allows you to benchmark your progress – one of the most important aspects of using metrics appropriately.


Few tools have been implemented into fleets that can provide as much meaningful data as telematics solutions. By using telematics data, you can positively influence driving behavior which can reduce accident-related costs, help you lower fuel spend, assist with company environmental initiatives, and reduce maintenance cost. Additionally, programs such as Donlen’s DriverPoint can help you make your fleet more productive with improved routing and utilization.

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Donlen’s Strategic Consulting Services (SCS) team uses your data housed in FleetWeb to conduct ongoing analysis of your fleet to help you lower your costs. The SCS team consists of top tier analytical thinkers who present a quarterly scorecard, along with customized solutions on key issues that are vital to lowering cost and increasing utilization:

  • Vehicle/asset selection
  • Cycling parameters
  • Vehicle operations management
  • Driver/operator productivity

Whether your goal is to reduce cost per mile, increase MPG, improve your preventive maintenance compliance, lower your accident rate, or just to drive total costs down, the consulting team can help you evaluate options to achieve your fleet goals.

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“The amount of data we have to share is monumental,” Blaine went on to say. “Knowing how to use the tools available now can make a huge difference for your future. It’s my team’s primary focus to find the appropriate metrics that will have the most meaning on your total cost of ownership.”

Amy Blaine can be reached at 847-412-5384.

FleetWeb® Tips

Create visibility to your carbon emissions in your FleetWeb Dashboard.

  1. Type “dashboard” into the FleetWeb Search field, located in the top right of your screen, and click “Donlen Dashboard Preferences.”
  2. Select “CO2 Ibs per Thousand” selection box and click Submit.
  3. Open Dashboard, and your new dial will display. Click dial to drill down through your information.
  4. Carbon information will be displayed by year, make and model.


Hertz Value Lease® Deal of the Week

donlen-hertz-value-lease-nissan-altima-02132013 Nissan Altima S*

  • Estimated Mileage: 16,768
  • Exterior Color: Gray
  • Hertz Value Lease Base Price: $17,100

*Vehicle was available at the time of posting to FridayFleet. The exact vehicle may not be available after this date. Photo of vehicle is for illustrative purposes only. Contact your Donlen Account Manager to learn more about Hertz Value Lease vehicles that may be right for your application.

Driver’s Corner

Many cities are installing protected bike lanes or adding bike routes along many streets. It’s important to understand how to share the road with cyclists. Here are some key things to remember when driving around a cyclist: slow down and allow extra space when passing – at least three to four feet (in some states, it’s the law to allow that much). Most of all, be patient. We can all share the road and be safe.

And finally…

And finally, Volvo is using technology to make it safer for cyclists sharing the road with vehicles. Called the “world’s first cyclist detection system,” the technology uses a sonar-like sensor system that continually scans the front of the vehicle. It detects objects in front of the vehicle and determines their distance – good news for cyclists and pedestrians. If activated, an instant warning and full brake power is applied. And now, Volvo and the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are teaming to help reduce cycling accidents and educate road users. GMP will use the Volvo, equipped with the cyclist detection system, for the next three month to raise awareness for cycling safety. Great teamwork for a great cause.

Have a nice weekend. Safe travels.

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Originally appeared in FridayFleet on September 13, 2013

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