Vehicle Optimization Model for fleet vehicle comparisonsBANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Donlen, a leader in providing performance-driven fleet management services, announces enhanced functionality and an improved user interface and experience for their next generation Vehicle Optimization Model® (VOM), simplifying vehicle selection and cycling decisions for fleet professionals.

“Donlen’s new and improved Vehicle Optimization Model provides our customers with the ability to change a variety of input parameters to enable powerful “what-if” scenario analysis comparing the total cost of ownership of a wide variety of vehicle selection options,” said Amy Blaine, VP of consulting, analytics, and sustainability at Donlen.

Donlen’s updated VOM has an improved user interface, making interpreting and presenting results of vehicle comparisons much easier and impactful. Donlen has also simplified the user experience by including new functionality, such as the ability to customize financial parameters to reflect your scenario, multi-select vehicles, and export full reports so fleet professionals can make informed decisions when selecting vehicles for their fleet.

“The precise analysis available through the VOM makes the vehicle selection process faster and provides the full picture of the cost of a vehicle, empowering users of the tool to make more cost-effective decisions. With the VOM, fleet professionals can select vehicles with the best TCO, as well as discover the appropriate time to cycle vehicles to reduce their costs,” said Blaine.

The enhancements made to Donlen’s VOM empower fleet professionals to make vehicle selection and cycling decisions more efficiently, and will help them make choices that drive their fleet’s performance by minimizing total cost of ownership.

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