What Would You Do With Two Extra Hours a Week?

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What Would You Do With Two Extra Hours a Week?


Trevor Phelps, Marketing Operations Manager for Power Home Remodeling Group, used to spend about two hours a week manually tracking toll violations in a spreadsheet and e-mailing (and re-emailing!) drivers. Since they implemented the DonlenPass™ toll management program about five months ago, that is no longer the case.

Currently, Power Home has about 700 sales reps around the country. “We were a little disorganized when it came to toll management, especially as we started to grow,” said Trevor. “It was becoming more difficult to manage. We were getting a ton of violations and it was a hassle to do manually.”

PHRG_logo-01Trevor and another Power Home employee would spend about two hours every week tracking down drivers. “We would send e-mails and then follow up when we hadn’t heard back. Getting a response was difficult sometimes; we needed to go back to a some of the drivers multiple times.”

And now?

“The difference is like night and day,” he went on to say. “The first thing I do in the morning is check out my dashboard in FleetWeb®. The information I need is right there, consolidated with our other fleet costs including fuel and maintenance costs.”

Everyone at Power Home was open to the program. “Management was very supportive. They understood the issues we were having managing the program and the time it was taking. We had a conference call with drivers to explain how it streamlined the program, and it was well received.”

So how does he spend those extra two hours a week?

“I can concentrate on more strategic aspects of the fleet,” he said. “Right now, we’re trying to see what other cost reductions we can achieve, so I have more time to look at that.”

About DonlenPass

DonlenPass is a completely automated, easy-to-use toll management program that helps you manage and reduce your toll spend. DonlenPass fully integrates your fleet information in FleetWeb.

To find out how DonlenPass can benefit your fleet operations, contact your Donlen Account Manager.

Lifecycle Cost Management: 36-Month versus 60-Month Sedan Lifecycle Cost Analysis


No matter what type of asset you have in your fleet – cars, trucks, or equipment – understanding the entire lifecycle cost is the only way for you to effectively manage cash flow.

Donlen Strategic Consultants conducted a lifecycle cost analysis using a typical intermediate sedan from within the Donlen fleet portfolio. The case study includes analysis of 36-month versus 60-month:

• Overall Annual Cash Flow Comparison
• Rental Cost
• Fuel Cost
• Maintenance Spend
• Resale Proceeds

For the full analysis, download here


Truck Program At Your Service

The term “service vehicle” can mean different things depending on how that vehicle is used. A service vehicle can range from a 1/2 ton pick-up that serves as transportation to an off-site job to a fully upfitted F-750 that goes off road to service remote equipment.

To Donlen, it does not matter at which end of the spectrum your fleet falls. We have truck experts who will work with you to ensure your service vehicles are kept in tip-top shape and on the road. Because a “service vehicle” is only good when it can perform the service you need, WHEN you need it and HOW you need it.


Our truck team maintains ongoing conversations with OEMs, upfitters, transportation specialists, and other vendors across all assets to ensure you were up-to-date on all facets of the industry, which in turn, benefits you and your fleet operations. Our truck team will help you:

Right-size your vehicles:

  • Lower cost and save time when you operate the right size vehicle for your application
  • Eliminate the paradigm of buying a vehicle bigger than needed because that is what has “always been done”
  • Explore the feasibility of smaller, more fuel-efficient service trucks

Reduce total cost of ownership:

  • Centralize the service truck purchases while eliminating costly stock purchases
  • Monitor and properly manage exceptions
  • Access order-to-delivery status in FleetWeb
  • Optimize your fleet so that you have the right vehicle for the right job
  • Utilization of the Elite Dealer Program provides you with lower rates yet higher levels of service standards
  • Ensure you are in DOT compliance

Understand the nuts and bolts of our program:

  • Custom Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs to reduce premature failures and downtime
  • Exception reporting for PM compliance using time or mileage
  • Vehicle-specific PM alerts via e-mail
  • Comprehensive vendor network with an extensive national footprint
  • Equipment expertise to handle repair approvals
  • Management of out-of-network repair services
  • Consolidated monthly invoice at the vehicle level
  • Entry of all out-of-network maintenance activities into FleetWeb
  • Warranty screening
  • Competitively priced and timely repairs
  • Invoices and PM forms available in FleetWeb giving you a complete online vehicle maintenance file
  • Delivery via ship-through or ship-to methods
  • Extensive transportation vendor network to move your vehicle

Our Donlen Truck Team is certified in the following:

  • ASE World Class Certified Technician
  • ASE Master Automotive Technician
  • ASE Master Truck Technician
  • Certified Transportation Professional (CTP)
  • Truck Marketing Institute courses: I, II, III, IV
  • Freightliner M2 Specialist
  • Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star Certifications

To speak to someone at Donlen about your service vehicles, contact us now.

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Chrysler Ride and Drive Comes to Donlen

Chrysler-Donlen-800pxChrysler-Van-800pxDonlen employees hadthe opportunity of getting behind the wheel of some of Chrysler’s vehicles such as the Chrysler 200, Dodge Charger, and the RAM 2500 Longhorn. On July 10, Ed Del Otero and Jeremy Brown from Chrysler’s Fleet Management team discussed the benefits of theirvehicle line ups and how Chrysler was  able to achieve 51 consecutive months of year-over-year sales gains and how they are now aligning their focus on fleet management companies nationwide.

Employees had a hands-on experience driving, or riding, in 1 of 8 different vehicles around a 1/2 mile course near Donlen. Each vehicle came with their own vehicle expert who discussed all
the recent enhancements and upgrades that have been made to that particular vehicle and how they can benefit corporate Chrysler-Dodge-800pxChrysler-Dan-800pxfleets.

Chrysler is reaching out to become one of the vehicle providers of choice for all fleet management companies, and what better way to start than with Donlen, the industry’s most customer centric and technically integrated provider of financing and asset management solutions for corporate fleets.

Driver’s Corner

It can happen to anyone. You’re driving along and sense something is wrong with the vehicle. Perhaps a light has come on, the steering feels “different,” or you see smoke from the engine. Do you know what to do?

Here are some great steps to take, with a hat tip to Automotive Fleet for sharing this important information:

  • Note your vehicle’s location when you first notice something is wrong.
  • Assess your vehicle’s operating problem based on the warning signs you’ve noticed.
  • Pull off the road and get as far from traffic as possible.
  • Never stand behind or directly in front of your vehicle.
  • If you get out of your vehicle, show extreme caution and watch for oncoming traffic – especially at night or in bad weather.
  • If you can’t get off the road because your vehicle has lost power, turn on your emergency flashers immediately.
  • Never risk injury by attempting to push the vehicle to a safe location.
  • If you’re able to stop safely on the shoulder, stay in your vehicle until law enforcement or an emergency roadside assistance provider arrives.
  • Don’t lower the windows or open doors to strangers. If a stranger offers help, ask the person to call for emergency road service.

> See the video here

And Finally

And finally, we’re not sure about you, but if we had a scaled down version of a Land Cruiser when we were kids, we would have been the coolest (and probably most popular) kid in the neighborhood. Check out this scaled version of a Toyota Land Cruiser, made from scratch by an Australian welder for his son. It’s complete with upholstered seats, a radio, spotlight, roof bar, and chunky tires – and it’s pretty awesome. Just think of the possibilities! What a lucky kid.

Have a great weekend. Safe travels

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on July 25, 2014

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